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Rotary Youth Exchange Programmes

  • Rotary Exchange  Students (IYE)

  • The Rotary Exchange Scheme is another Rotary International scheme whereby a student in one District spends a year in a sponsoring District and is billeted by 4 members of the Club. The Taradale Club has a long history of involvement in this scheme. Since 1970, the Club has assisted 18 outward bound students, and 21 in-bound students.

  •  Australian Matched Student Exchange (AMSE)

This scheme provides and opportunity for New Zealand students at the 15-16 year level, to spend the first term of the school year with an Australian family  and attend an Australian school. In the second term the student returns accompanied by a son or daughter of the Australian family so that he or she can experience a term at a local school and living with a local host family. Club members have been involved in a number of these exchanges.

Year Inbound Students Outbound Students

John Gager

Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA

John was from Dallas, Pennsylvania, a suburb of the city of Wiltees-Barre, in the U.S.A.

Trevor Page took him out pig-hunting once, but he didn’t really enjoy it. John met a girl in Napier, Beth Baker, and later he returned and married her. The wedding was in the Stables (now burnt down) at Ormlie Lodge. Trevor has had no contact since, but he knows John became a permanent student so as to avoid the call up for the US Army during the Vietnam War.

 Hosts: Ted Morris, Trevor Page


Tom Kearney


Ron Ward recalled Tim and his own son went to Colenso High School together. He fitted into the family very well, experiencing hunting and shooting around Taupo. On returning home he sent a gift of 3 antique spoons which had come from the "Mayflower".


Hosts: Stafford, Ward, Easterbrook


Robert Buehner


Host: Win Geenty

Ann Hicks (Allentown, USA)


Ann Hicks in 1970 was the Clubs first outgoing Exchange Student. Now, as Ann Tolley, she has served on Napier City Council for 9 years, 6 years as Deputy Mayor, has since had three terms in Parliament. In 2008, as a member of the new National Government, she became Minister of Education and in 2013, Minister of Police. 


She left NZ in January 1970 as a naďve 16 year-old, bound for Allentown, Pennsylvania. She quickly discovered that USA was not “as seen” on TV and her first host family were also suffering from a myth and were expecting a stone-age Maori girl.  It became apparent when they took her to the kitchen and explained, “This is a stove – we cook our food in it. This is a fridge where we store our food and keep it cool. And these are taps. When you turn the handle, cold water comes from this one and hot water from the other.”  After having a shower, she discovered that her hosts had been through her bags looking for her grass skirt! Naivety at maximum!


The host family match was designed to equate families of middle class America with middle class NZ but reality was quite different. Her first family was American, followed by Chileans who didn’t speak English, so Anne quickly became conversant in their tongue which was Spanish. An Italian family followed, again, non-English speaking and the fourth were Plymouth Rock Quakers so in the course of 12 months she gained a real insight into the “melting pot” which is USA.


On returning to NZ she later married, became an active Rotarian, as was her husband and father, and helped conduct South Island tours of Exchange Students. A political career followed.


 Marguerita Clark



James (Chip) Daniels


Nora Schofield spoke warmly of the time Chip spent with them. They kept in touch and later received an invitation to his wedding. Kevyn Moore recalls he and Marianne had the same experiences and had the pleasure of hosting Chip and his parents a few years after the exchange

Hosts: Peter Clark, Kevyn & Marianne Moore, Ron & Nora Schofield


Angie Paulich

(West Germany)


V.P. Gil Cooper to write to President of Angie's sponsoring club pointing out our disappointment in Angie and appraise them of the situation. Gil also to notify her father that the responsibility for Angie leaving month earlier is his and absolve us of all responsibilities. Bob Twaddle to send school report to Angie's Headmaster in Germany."

Hosts: Kevyn Moore, Win Geenty, Derek Ricketts, Dave Prebensen)

Alexia Gordon

(West Germany)


On her return, Dianne trained as an Occupational Therapist at Auckland Hospital.


Diane Cockburn

(South Africa)


Rhonda Rose (USA)

Rhonda returned to Taradale and visited the Club in 1980 at John Lister's first meeting. In 1983 Rhonda got married and invited any Club members in USA at the time to the wedding! Club sends best wishes message.

Hosts: Davies,Robinson,Schofield,Popplewell. Counselors, Des & Ann Lanigan

Debbie Marshall (USA)


Over 30 years ago, a young girl named Debbie Marshall came from Palmerston North to board at St Joseph's Maori Girls College. In her fourth year at St Joseph's, she was chosen and sponsored by the Taradale Rotary Club for a Rotary Exchange scholarship.


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Vaughan Lines

(South Africa)

After his return, Vaughan trained as a pilot for the South African Air Force. Ron went to South Africa and spent some time with Vaughn and his parents. He visited the Club again in 1983. They have been in Christmas card contact ever since.


Hosts: Moore, Read, Ward

Brendan Quinlivan



Ron Ward announced that Brendan Quinlivan, our outgoing RotaryExchange student in 1979, has been appointed relieving NZ High Commissioner to Kiribati for 3 months. After that he is in line to become First Secretary in the NZ Embassy in Mexico.


Antoinette Le Roux

(South Africa)

The Bulletin reported 22nd April, 1999, that Bill Beaton telling us that Antoinette la Roux, exchange student from the early 80's has recently visited them and they had a meal with members who were involved in her hosting during that time. Bill mentioned this to say that there is great pleasure to be had later from contacts made through the student exchange programme.

Hosts: Bill & Sheena Beaton

Wayne Carson


Son of Ken and Colleen Carson, Rotary Club of Taradale.


Ann Parish


Ann was a good field athlete as recalled by Bruce McLeod, but she had a problem mixing in socially. She enjoyed her stay however and kept in touch for a number of years. She had returned to Virginia,  married, and had at least two children. Her married name is now Dodson.

Hosts. Knappstein, McLeod

Phillip Alexander

Mont Pelier, Idaho,



Philip returned to the family farm at Puketapu, married Louise and they now have two children. His son Henry was an outbound exchange student to Belgium in 2011.


Phil is now a member of the Rotary Club of Taradale.


Damianne Rikahana

Comox, Vancouver,



Per Sorensen


Found his time with Ron & Wenda Ebbett a "little boring" and was happy to get back into town. At the Gears he was very happy and fitted in well.

Returned later in his 'gap' year to do those things he hadn't been able to do as an exchange student

Host: Ron Ward, Gears, Ebbetts

Phillip Gordon



Teresa (Syd) Timblin

Murraysville, Pennsylvania, USA

Helen Lowe




Nicole Drake

Salt Lake City,



Jullian Newson


A very positive experience and has had a successful career since returning to NZ.


Clarissa Johnson


Robert Kyle first host then Ken and Colleen Carson.

Eventually returned to NZ and lives in Napier.

Kristine Campbell

Myerstown, Pennsylvania,


Excellent reports received from Kristine's hosts. A very positive experience and has had a successful career since returning to NZ.


Gesa Brinkman

(Barkhausen, W.Germ.)

Recent photo of Gesa 2007

Bill Beaton 2005 - Bill's son is currently in London where he had met and had dinner with past exchange student Gesa with whom the Beaton's have maintained contact during the 17 years since her exchange.

The late Sandy Edginton recalled she was an out-door type and very personable. A friendship lasted for life. Ted & Joan Skudder recall her very favourably, remembering she was "very popular with the boys!"


Edgington, Skudder, Beaton, Moyle



Annia Light


Annia had to return home before the end of her term.

The Club lost its enthusiasm for hosting exchange students for a year. Joined a rock band on returning to the USA. 

Internet photo 2007


Carl Wallenburg


Carl-Marcus, now a Professor at a Business College in Germany, returned to New Zealand in June 2007 and visited the Club with his new wife Silke.  

Jo-elle Sharplin



Kirstie McAllum


"Congratulations on choosing such an outstanding young person to represent your country as an exchange student. Kirstie McAllum is a truly remarkable young lady. We are writing on behalf of many of Kirstie's teachers at Stayner Collegiate Institute to let you know how very impressed we are with her and how pleased we are with your choice. You can be very proud of her. She has done a fine job.


Laerke Knudsen



Returned twice, once with her family. Now her sister is livibg in New Zealand


Hosts: Des & Ann Lanigan, John and Caroline Aikman.


Ayrica Bennett


Gilleen Dooney

Alberta, Canada

Gillean spoke to the Club on her return. She attended a school where half the students were french speaking. She enjoyed the skiing and tramping. Her plans are to start a B.Sc at EIT and has Medical School in her sights.


Vibeke Jarness


Vibeke's hometown is Konsberg - half an hour by car from Oslo, the capital of Norway. M She has a sister, 11 years, and a brother, 14 years old. Her mother is a nurse and her father an insurance agent. Horse riding, sailing, tramping, reading, handcraft, painting, gardening, and skiing are some of Vibeke's many interests.

In May 1997she returned to the Club 5 years later and spoke to members Now 21, she is currently roaming the world with her friend Nina, and after a leisurely trip through Asia and Indonesia, they have made their way down to NZ. Vibeke plans to return to Norway to complete her tertiary training in Nursing, specialising as a midwife- and a return to her boy friend.

Kilpatrick, Dawsons, Oldershaws, Stewarts

Sarah Lanigan



Sarah was attending Taradale High School when awarded the exchange to the NykoBing-Falster club in Denmark. She had a wonderful time, learnt Danish and still corresponds with her hosts.


Her elder sister, Sue, was also awarded and exchange by the Greenmeadows Club.


Back in NZ she has two children and works at Victoria University.



Alicia Budner


Hosts: Trevor & Carolyn Kilpatrick, Nevin & Jill Dawsons, Mark & Gail Oldershaw, Graham & Trish Duncan  

Kirsty Newland



Renata Ruschel

(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hosts: Drake, Read, Dyet  

Matthew Annear



Nina Samdal

(Fredrikstad Glemmen Rotary Club, Norway)

Hosts: Hibberd, Winter, Aikman, Thornton

Counsellors: Richard & Diane Howell



Shiori Hirasawa



Shiori Hirasawa (Japan, our Exchange Student in 2003) made a return visit in March 2007 and again in 2010.


Hosts: Paul & Jo Shoebridge


Lauren Symons



An excited Lauren spoke to the Club and outline a little of her background including 4 years of studying Spanish- hence her wish to travel to South America.




Thiago Bechkert



Diane & Richard Howell have been in regular contact with Thiago over the years – here is his update 2012. He studied international trade for three years but has dropped this and is focusing on law. He is studying in Florianopolis and goes home to brusque in the weekends. He is also working in the state congress for a state congressman called Jailson Lima. Jailson Lima is engaged in a project to reduce corruption in the government, congress and the judiciary system.

He travelled to china at the end of last year. He went to Beijing and Xian.

Thiago 2011 with girl friend Thayese


Hosts: Sue & Derek Parke, Mark and Natasha Allardice,  Tom & Marjorie Royden.

Counsellors: Richard & Diane Howell


Antoine van Sintejan


Antoine van Sintejan, the clubs new Exchange Student from Belgium arrived 9th September2008. Antoine lives with his family just south of Brussels. He is the youngest of three boys, his brothers being respectively, 6 and 9 years older than him. His Dad is Alain and his Mum is Brigitte Massart and the family lives in Linkebeek. He wishes to train as a pharmacist on his return. He likes playing tennis & golf, enjoys cards & has an interest in magic. Belgium is made up of French & Flemish speakers with a touch of German as well, he told the club.

The most recent report states Antoine has competed training as a Pharmacist, but is now pursuing a post graduate degree in pharmacy.

Host: Sue Parke

Counsellors: Richard & Diane Howell


Amanda Bryant


Amanda was educated at Puketapu School and Napier Girls’ High School, studying Brazil and the Amazon in her 6th form year. She was chosen for Rotary Youth Exchange to the Rotary Club of Maringa North in District 4360 in Brazil. Maringa has a population of 300,000. The daughter of Amanda’s first host had done an exchange in NZ 7 years previously. 


Beatriz Gil


Bia was from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

She embraced the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme and all that the Rotary Club of Taradale offered her.  She went with numerous families on visits all around the North and South Island.  She loved the South Island trip with her fellow Rotary Exchange Students.  She was very sad to leave New Zealand but was excited to be going back home to further her education.  She is currently at University studying business management and working at the University’s Junior Enterprise as Commerical Advisor. She hopes to get back to Nz about 2016.

Hosts: John and Ruth Reid, Ross and Viv Pinkham, Mary & Kim Redington and Selwyn & Heather Dyet.

Counsellors: Richard & Diane Howell

Henry Alexander



Henry’s application to join the student exchange programme was inspired by a conversation between our student Bia and Henry’s father, Club member Phil Alexander, who had also been an exchange scholar in 1981.   


Milagros Teresita Belen Esquivel (Milu)


Milu comes from Cordoba, Argentina.  She lives in Mount Hood, a beautiful village which has 13,000 inhabitants.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Mila had to return home before the end of her term.



Hosts: Phil & Louise Alexander

Counsellors: Richard & Diane Howell


Host families: Phil and Louise Alexander; Sarah Shand; Brian and Miranda Kirk, and Ross and Viv Pinkham.

Luis Perlich 2016

Luis arrived as a 16 year old and coming to a country from Leer in North West Bavaria, Germany. He knew nothing about NZ, but he quickly adapted and greatly enjoyed all the experiences offered him. Attended school at Tamatea High School. He was popular, and spoke perfect English.

Emily Jiang 2016


Emily went to Denmark and was a highly successful student.