New Zealand, D9930

Past Presidents. First 50 Years

The following members have served the Club as President during the first 50 years of its existence.

Those  marked with an asterisk are deceased.

A second list records members who were president of other Rotary Clubs before joining or rejoining Taradale Rotary.

The table records the major highlights that marked each Presidents year

1959-60 Tom McDonald

1960-61 Jim Sutherland

1961-62 Ron Munro

1962-63 Fred Yeo

1963-64 Michael Davies

1964-65 Eric Mason

1965-66 Ted Morris

1966-67 Win Geenty

1967-68 John Stitson

1968-69 Arthur Stafford

1969-70 Jock Morris

1970-71 Brian McKinlay, Jock Morris


1971-72 David Nichol

1972-73 lan Kepka

1973-74 Jim Lum

1974-75 Ned Holt

1975-76 Ted Waaka

1976-77 Derek Ricketts

1977-78 Gil Cooper

1978-79 Bob Twaddle

1979-80 YickGee

1980-81 John Lister

1981-82 Peter Sugden

1982-83 Pete Simons

1983-84 Bill Beaton

1984-85 Mark Read

1985-86 Ron Ebbett

1986-87 John Campbell

1987-88 Bryan Di!lon

1988-89 Brian Neilson

1989-90 Ken Jobson

1990-91 Tony Trent, Kevyn Moore

1991-92 Bob Knappstein

1992-93 Clive Adams

1993-94 Trevor Kilpatrick

1994-95 Ross Pinkham

1995-96 Nevin Dawson

1996-97 Max Plested

1997-98 Bill Hawkins

1998-99 Graham Duncan

1999-00 lain Angus

2000-01 Warren Cooper

2001-02 Robert Pattullo

2002-03 Ray McTeigue

2003-04 Allan Tuck

2004-05 John Aikman

2005-06 Allen Stewart

2006-07 Paul Shoebridge

2007-08 Mark Allardyce

2008-09 Richard Howell


& Year Highlights


Foundation President

 1. Tom McDonald OBE*

Secretary; Lloyd Leman: Treasurer; Jack McDonald

Directors: Harry Clark, Len Whitehead, Ron Munro

Reporter: Ron Munro

  • Significant events

    • Formation meeting. On the 21st. of January 1959, about 30 businessmen from the Taradale area agreed a Rotary Club should be formed and that it should meet on Thursdays at 5:30 PM.

    • Charter night. The Club's Charter was presented to President Tom McDonald by District Governor George Kerslake at at Charter Night Dinner on the 6th June 1959

  • Other Highlights:

  • Club protocols: Members devoted their time establishing Club protocols and looking to establish projects.

  • Mayoral Chain for the Mayor of the Taradale Borough Council. Club runs an appeal for funds.

  • Health Stamp campaign raises £69.

  • Pukeora Home residents(40) hosted for an afternoon at the RSA hall; a joint effort with the Waipukarau Rotary Club.

  • CORSO appeal collection. £206 raised

  • Hohepa Home. Members assistance with building repairs.

  • Historical Footnotes

    • Tom McDonald served as President for 18 months, as he was elected President at the Inaugural meeting in January, but the Charter meeting, which determines the Rotary cycle, was not held until July. This means he served from Jan 1959 to July 1960.

    • As well as the important Inaugural and Charter meetings which set the Club on its way (and these events are documented elsewhere), the Directors met only as the need arose.

    • The original Directors Minute Book, started on Feb 26th, 1959, is still in existence. It would appear there was insufficient work in those early days for regular monthly meetings as minutes are recorded for February, July, August and December. The minutes were written in copperplate longhand and appear to be the work of the secretary, Lloyd Leman

The thumbnail image is a copy of the first Club minutes. Click to view



 2. Jim Sutherland*

Secretary; Lloyd Leman: Treasurer; Jack McDonald

Directors: Doug Mackenzie, Fred Yeo, Michael Davies

Reporter: Alan Munro

  • Highlights:

  • Wheel chair purchased at a cost of £20  to be at the call of local doctors.

  • Life-saving 'manikin' for the local swimming club purchased at a cost of £45 .

  • St Johns ambulance. Members help with Radio appeal.

  • New stove for the Town Hall approved costing £5-0-0.



 3. Ron Munro*

Secretary; Lloyd Leman: Treasurer; Jack McDonald

Directors: Fred Yeo, Arthur Stafford, Wallace Wilton, Ted Morris

Reporter: Alan Munro

  • Notable events:

    • Osier Road Park project initiated

    • Girls & Boys Day in the Park; profit shares of £1-1-0 were distributed to 4 youth groups.


  • Highlights:

  • Monthly Directors meetings instituted.

  • Club by-laws reviewed

  • Wedding Anniversaries. Flowers to be sent to wife.

  • Two bound copies of "Buzzer" to be produced each year; one for Past President, the other for Club records.

  • "Shrapnel" box takings be forwarded to Rotary Foundation.

  • Successful "Boys-Girls Day" at Taradale Park

  • £1-1-0 donated to Boy Scouts, HB Axemens Club, Meeanee Firebrigade, Napier Police Youth Club.



 4. Fred Yeo*

Secretary; Lloyd Leman: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors: Gil Cooper, Eric Mason, Jim Dine

Reporter: Alan Munro

  • Notable events:


  • Highlights:

  • Club boundaries modified;

  • Slide and tape project to promote Hawkes Bay to Japanese Rotarians;

  • Cruse Club formed by the Club. Lasts 40 years of service to Taradale widows.



 5. Michael Davies

Secretary; Ray Neill: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors:Ned Holt, Max Richards, Stan Edwards, Eric Mason

Reporter: Brian Mackinlay

  • Notable events:

    • Osier Road Park project completed.

    • Waterwheel project for Taradale Park. Idea raised by Jim Montgomery.


  • Highlights:

  • No change over night as Fred Yeo was ill and handed Michael the Chains of Office at a normal meeting.

  • Foundation members Fred Yeo and Alan Munro died early in the Rotary year.

  • Book of Procedures proposed (forerunner of the Handbook); By-Laws rewritten.

  • Club matched with club in Denmark. A tape and slide documentary was sent to them but little received in return.

  • Rural-Urban meeting held on a Saturday afternoon on Bob Lindsay's farm, Rissington.

  • Oratory contests for students of Colenso and St Josephs Maori Girls College initiated.

  • Encyclopaedias purchased for the Taradale library.

  • Hurdles donated to the Taradale Athletic Club.



 6. Eric Mason*

Secretary; Brian Scullin: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors:John Stitson, Wyn Geenty, Dick Bayliss, Ted Morris

Reporter: Brian Mackinlay

  • Notable events:

    • Osier Road Park project handed over to Taradale Borough Council.

    • Waterwheel in Taradale Park. Club continues planning.

    • The Mason Cup. Eric Mason presented a cup for public speaking.

    • JR Mckenzie fund for the first time used to support education of several local students.

  • Highlights:

  • Paul Harris fund debated by members. Suggestions it should be capped at £250.

  • VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad). Fund raising started in support of a local  team.

  • Club banner designed incorporating grapes.



 7. Ted Morris*

Secretary; Brian Scullin: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors:Dave Nichol, J Spence, Harold Howard

Reporter: Brian Mackinlay

  • Notable events:

    • Two seats erected in Osier Road Park;

    • Waterwheel moved from the estate of the late Ernest Clifford to Jim Montgomery's home for repair.

    • Paul Harris Fund established. One shilling added to meal charge to go to this fund. This funds is a precursor to the Project a/c as it was established to provide project funds.


  • Highlights:

  • District VSA  supported by Club.

  • Waiohiki Play Centre established.

  • JR McKenzie Trust. Three grants received from  of £50 each to support the education of three Taradale students. Peter Tong, later to join the Club, was one of these.

  • University of Hawkes Bay. Club expresses interest.

  • Taradale Library. Club supports with £20 donation for large-print books.

  • Roadsides cleanups. Members turn out to clean around the dump area.

  • Omaranui Engagement Memorial in Omaranui Rd. Club active in cleaning up the  on the occasion of its centenary.



  8. Win Geenty*

Secretary; Ian Norrie: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors:Duncan Jamieson, Jack McDonald, Sloan Millar

Reporter: Brian Autridge

  • Notable events

    • VSA concert to raise funds in support of a local VSA team abroad. £337 was raised and presented to VSA on change-over night.

    • Waterwheel. Jim Montgomery works on restoration.

    • First Rotary International Youth Exchange student. John Gager hosted by Ted Morris

  • Other Highlights:

  • Support for Waiohiki Playcentre affirmed;

  • Massey University Hall of Residence room. Club  sponsors one room with a £150 payment;

  • Sponsoring another Rotary Club in Napier. Invitation from Napier Club to be involved.

  • Munro Cup winner Pat Cummins in an oratory contest for Colenso students. Three  who spoke in front of the Club. 

  • Tools collected for VSA.

  • Home repairs. Club working parties repaired the damaged roof of a Taradale resident.

  • Scout Hut upgraded.



 9. John Stitson*

Secretary; Ian Norrie: Treasurer; Bill Beaton

Directors: Mac McCalmont, Yick Gee, Jack Lockyer

Reporter: Jim Letcher

  • Major Events

    • First Auction organised by Doug Rees and Ted Lewis which raised $1300. Run as an International Committee project.

    • First Camp Kaitawa as a Club project and the first club party of members who started the building of an ablutions block.

    • First Club's "Stress Seminar" weekend in Taupo, organised by Brian Mackinlay as an invitation to play against the Taupo Club. This event continues to the present day.

    • Waterwheel renovation work continues. Meetings with Parks & Reserve Committee initiated.

    • Distribution of Auction Funds:

      • $1000 set aside in support of a local swimming pool. Distribution hotly debated.

      • $270 to Taradale Play Centre Building fund

      • $100 to the Taradale YMCA

      • $94 for a Deaf teaching machine

      • $50 to Pakowahi School swimming baths fund


  • Other Highlights:

  • Taradale Play Centre. Members were called on to assist with weekend labour.

  • House renovation. Members help with repairs and the installation of sewerage.

  • Books sent to Fiji to Agricultural College. Books on English and Agriculture.

  • Halls of Residence at Massey. 50 Club raffle to support

  • Waimarama Picnic  for underprivileged children.

  • Amalgamation Poll. Members help by running elderly voters to the polling stations. 71% voted in favour and thus Taradale joined Napier as a new suburb.

  • Chinese meal courtesy Mabel Lum (Jim) and Shirley Gee (Yick). Members and wives treated to a memorable evening.

  • Text books sent to Fiji. $100 worth purchased.

  • St. Joseph's Maori Girls College visit Club at Club rooms. Ann Greatorex presented with Mason Cup.

  • Munro Cup evening for Colenso speakers, won by Rosemary Scott. Sixth time this event has been held.



 10. Arthur Stafford*

Secretary; Ian Norrie: Treasurer; Brian McKinlay

Directors:Brian McKinlay, Colin Rapsey, Jim Montgomery


  • Regular projects

    • Auction.  Not held.
    • Camp Kaitawa gets further support from members.

    • Waterwheel project with Jim Montgomery continuing work on the wheel.

    Distribution of Funds:

    • $160 Rotary hoe project to Alafua Agriculture School in Western Samoa

    • $40 for St Joseph College's netball fees.

    • $100 for Outward Bound student

    • $300 to Camp Kaitawa. Same amount donated by other clubs

  • Other Highlights:

  • Deaf teaching machine purchased and presented to Parents of Deaf Organisation at a cost of $350

  • Civil Defence brochures organised and dispatched to 2000 households

  • St. Joseph's College. 2 microscopes purchased.

  • Books to Fiji project. Further $150 approved.

  • Widows assisted with on-site work.

  • Taradale swimming pool. Club establishes a reserve fund to help development.

  • "God Save the Queen". The Club had been singing this since its start and there were moves to have it replaced by "God Defend NZ" but Directors felt it was not suitable.

  • 100% attendance achieved in April 1969, thought to be the Club's first



 11. Jock Morris* MBE

Secretary; Ian Norrie: Treasurer; Derek Ricketts

Directors:Ian Kepka, Jim Lum, Ted Easterbrook

Reporter: Doug Rees

  • Notable events

    • Dave Nichol promotes the concept of a Taradale chartered Club.

    • 200 Club raffle raises $1024 for VSA in support of Tom Jamieson and his  project in Thailand.

    • Waterwheel project with Jim Montgomery continuing work on the wheel.


  • Regular projects

    • Auction  Nets $1061 for the Playcentre.
    • Camp Kaitawa
    • Funds distribution
      • $1000 to Play Centre to complete their building
  • Other Highlights:

  • Members investigate alternative meeting rooms to the Town Hall.

  • Ted Easterbrook successfully places 5 Samoan boys in local apprenticeships.

  • Members involved in SFC collection

  • Firewood project. Members cut wood donated by Tom McDonald and make $100 which is used to sponsor Gary Henderson to Outward Bound

  • Senior Citizen awards made

  • Rotary hoe to Alafua, Western Samoa

  • St Joseph's annual oratory contest for Eric Mason Cup.

  • 100% attendance achieved on 11th April 1970




 12. Brian Mackinlay & Jock Morris*

Secretary; Ron Ward: Treasurer; Derek Ricketts

Directors: Bill Beaton, Peter Sugden, Ted Waaka

Reporter: Doug Rees

  • At the start of 1971, Brian resigned from the Club, The position was offered to Jock Morris who accepted and started on the 1st February.

  • Notable events

    • First RYLA course. Wendy Lee and Murray Wiig selected to attend one week RYLA course at Dilworth, Auckland.

    • Napier Rotoact Club formed. Chartered on August 4th 1971.

    • Waterwheel project completed October 1970 under Peter Sugden's Community committee.

    • Traffic Forum attracts 350 citizens. Organised by Peter Sugden and the Community Service committee. Sloan Millar chaired the meeting.

    • Programme on drugs; film in Town Hall; many young people attended with parents to hear panel discussion which followed chaired by Michael Davies.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction  Not held
    • Camp Kaitawa
    • Funds distribution
      • $200 to Taradale High School for library books.

      • $200 to District fund for Pakistani Disaster Relief. (Bangladesh cyclone 1970)

      • $110 for 3 microscopes for St Joseph's.

      • $110 for Bethany Home linoleum

      • $55 to Tonga College project (barbed wire); joint with Napier West

      • $50 to Play Centre to help complete work

      • $50 for St John's Women's resuscitator fund

      • $50 to St Joseph's for sports affiliation fees.


  • Other Highlights:

  • Books to Alafua Agricultural College in Samoa received with thanks.

  • Munro Cup. Sons and Daughters evening to hear Colenso speakers. Won by Timothy Clark.

  • Inspection of Play Centre by members to see work completed using Club funds from previous Auction

  • Support for St Johns Women's Division with money for a resuscitator.

  • Club introduced to "God Defend NZ" by Mark Ward. Dave Nichol and Ron Ward opposed to change and moved such.

  • Tom Jamieson, Volunteer Service Abroad project, received $300 from VSA.

  • Club sponsored Marguerita Clark as an Exchange student to USA.

  • St Joseph's evening for members and wives to a "thoroughly rewarding evening". Stephanie Henderson awarded Mason Cup presented personally by Eric Mason.

  • Club boundaries redefined and by-laws and constitution revised.

  • Ted Easterbrook organises sale of firewood cut and deliver from Tom McD's property.

  • Sponsors Andrew May and Bill Ward to Outward Bound

  • Great Ladies Night. Held in the Top Hat.



 13. David Nichol

Secretary; Ron Ward: Treasurer; Jack Lockyer

Directors: Ian Norrie, Dave Prebensen, Ron Schofield

Reporter: Doug Rees & Ron Munro

  • Notable events

    • Club still looking at alternative meeting room. New golf club dinning room available but costs higher. First mention of upgrading the Town Hall as a community facility. Ron Munro and Wyn Geenty reported favourably on a meeting with St Johns saying St Johns had been offered land on Lee Road and they propose to build there with offers of assistance from the Club and other sources.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction gross $4542:  net $2506;

    • The Auction continues an unbroken run of 32 years until 2004

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Funds distribution:

      • $1000 (interest free loan) to St John's Ambulance. This money came from the Swimming Pool fund, which was closed.

      • $600 to the Taradale Jubilee Fund

      • $150 to Dr Hamlin's Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia.

      • $200 to sponsor a room. Hall of Residence at Massey University.

      • $150 for Outward Bound student

      • $200 for Outward Bound expansion fund

      • $150 to Meeanee Play Centre

      • $100 to Taradale High School

      • $250 for the Arthur Miller School pool

      • $50  to the Napier District Welfare Council.


  • Highlights:

  • 100% attendance achieved.16th Sep 1971

  • Colenso Oratory Contest won by Judith Twaddle. Munro Cup

  • Defensive Driving programme run by Club in conjunction with Lions and Jaycees.

  • Club sponsors Kevyn Moore on GSE team to USA.

  • Support for Outward Bound life raft; joint project with Ahuriri.

  • President Dave Nichol and members help restore damaged windows vandalised at the Disable Servicemen's Home

  • Club members enjoy a Carbeque and raise $123 for Club funds.

  • International Committee organise car wash for Ethiopian Fistula Womens' Hospital. The wash raises $112 after about 45 members helped wash 110 cars.



 14. Ian Kepka

Secretary; Ted Lewis  Treasurer; Jack Lockyer

Directors: Derek Ricketts, Laurie McCarthy, Doug Rees

Reporter: Ron Munro

  • Regular projects

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Waterwheel fitted with lights

    • First competition for shop assistants in Taradale. Prize to be $20 plus air ticket. Winner Christine Clifford (Gilmore's

    • Auction Gross $5102 nets $2339;

    • Funds distribution

      • $2000 to St John's Ambulance (given as a loan subject them building a new hall that would be available for the Club to use)

      • $1000 to the Greenmeadows Kindergarten.

      • $900 to Taradale Boy Scouts

      • $150 to St Joseph's to purchase new pui pui costumes.

      • $100 to Girl Guides

      • $100 to Dr Hamlin's Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia.

      • $100 to Sister Crombie's hospital in Ethiopia

      • $150 for District Fiji Disaster appeal.


  • Other Highlights:

  • Glasses (spectacles) to Ethiopia. Hundreds collected and sent to support the work of Sr Crombie

  • Fund raising appeals for SFC, Corso, IHC and Home for the Care of the Aged.

  • Two Defensive Driving Courses held. 50-60 people attended each

  • Outward Bound. Two young men sent.

  • Job Familiarisation programme for students from THS. Students spent a day with an industry.

  • Retirement Forum held in the Town Hall. 150 attended.

  • $210 approved for a rotary hoe to be sent to the Agricultural College in the Cook Islands. Dispatched in early December.

  • Swimming pool  account (established 1968) closed and funds ($1085) transferred to Project a/c. for St John's.

  • National anthem versus National song a major debating point at AGM.



 15. Jim Lum

Secretary; Arthur Stafford:: Treasurer; Gil Cooper

Directors: Stuart Lothian, B Millar, G Wild

Reporter: Bob Twaddle

  • Regular projects

    • Auction  Gross $6579; Net $4885

      • Auction committee formed with members nominated from each committee and recommend that 75% of proceeds go to the Atawhai Home. After match to be a Dine & Dance at the Masonic Hotel.

      • Also the Auction moves to the main street from the Town Hall and car park. Auction a great success with over $5000 raised and the proceeds from a stock drive yet to be added.

      • Puketapu Branch of Federated Farmers have a stock drive and raise $1300 to be added to the Clubs donation to the Atawhai Home for the Aged.

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Adeline Long (White's)

    • Members help out with Red Cross appeal, Annual Corso Appeal and the  Crippled Children house to house appeal.

    • Annual Save the Children appeal raise $770 despite the rain.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $3700 to Atawhai, the new geriatric centre to be built in Taradale by the PSSA.

      • $900 to Taradale Scouts.

      • $200 to Dr Hamlin's Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia. Letter received from Dr Hamlin thanking Club for its support.

      • $300 to St Joseph's for new piupiu skirts for the concert party

      • $100 to  HB Museum Centennial Fund


  • Other Highlights:

  • Anti-crime forum held in Town Hall with a panel of senior police officers. Large audience attend.

  • Defensive Driving Courses conducted by Club with great success.

  • Retirement Forum held again to a half full Town Hall

  • Federated Farmers (Puketapu branch) present $1330  to assist the development of the Atawhai geriatric home.

  • Collection of Glasses for Sister Crombie. 52 dozen collected and tested by Alan Styles, optician before being dispatched to Ethiopia

  • Sports equipment for Navuso College in Fiji.

  • Rotoact hold a Beer Festival in the Centennial Hall to raise funds to purchase a van for the Intellectually Handicapped Children.

  • Mason Cup competition held again with two girls from St Joseph's speaking in front of the Club.

  • District Governor visits and suggests another Rotary Club could be formed in the area.

  • New lighting for waterwheel, including a gas light feature

  • Concern expressed re St John's hall plans being relocated beside garage (current site). Club still hopes to use the new hall for new quarters.

  • Inner Wheel Club by Taradale and Napier West Rotariannes combined.

  • Club visit Dave Prebensen's factory and view the Napier Centennial time capsule.

  • Club help with house to house appeal for Atawhai Home.

  • Club picnic held at Omatua, Rissington.

  • Club helps with a door to door survey on geriatric needs in the district.

  • IYE student, James Daniells from USA.

  • Ladies night held at Fernhill Hotel.

  • Christmas Party combined with Napier West and Ahuriri at Cabaret Cabana a huge success.

  • Tom McDonald awarded OBE.

  • JR McKenzie Trust give $200 to assist two students with University costs.

  • Members visit Hospital to view the services available to the community.

  • GSE team from Missouri, USA visit the Club. Leader Rubie Green spoke on the State of Missouri.



 16. Ned Holt*

Secretary; Arthur Stafford: Treasurer; Des Lanigan

Directors: John Lister, Jim Germain, Ken Carson


  • Regular projects

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Yvonne Tierney (Hawkes' Bay Co-op)

    • Auction  Gross $6820; Net $4190

    • Funds distribution:

      • $1000 to Moteo Pa building project;

      • $1676 to Taradale School baths;

      • $653 to Bethany Home for foetal heart detector.

      • $200 to "Omatua' Rissington


  • Other Highlights:

  • Members combine with the Jaycees to clean up the riverbed

  • Succesful SFC collection

  • Club recognised outstanding service to the community of Bill Leadbetter and Walter Effio



 17. Ted Waaka*

Secretary; Arthur Stafford: Treasurer; Laurie McCarthy

Directors: Bill Schwalger, John Campbell, Brian Dillon

Reporter: Brian Dolan

  • Major Projects

    • The Club sponsors the Greenmeadows Rotary Club which was formally launched with it Charter night on April 29th 1976 with Bayne McKellow as President.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction  Gross $7298; Net $4111

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Alex Webb (McDonald's)

    • RYLA at Cambridge. Margaret Symons and Dianne Littleford

    • Funds distribution:

      • $2500 to set up a Town Hall fund

      • $1000 to Project fund

      • $250 to Riverside Park

      • $100 to Cruse Club

      • $100 to St Joseph's Maori Girls' College

      • $100 to Plunket Society

  • Other Highlights:

  • Initially Club pursue St John's Hall for a meeting venue. Members visit the building but while it has more room, car parking could be a problem. Club then gives thought to extending Town Hall Lounge by removing hall stage and moving wall back. Approach made to Council who were sympathetic and asked for a costing. After the Auction $2500 was set aside in a Town hall fund.

  • Club assisted with collection of $1175 in an appeal for the Save the Children organisation.

  • Riverside Park improvement project. Council to proceed with Riverside Park upgrade. Club interested in helping and working with Jaycees.

  • Club members assist with Girl Guides gala which raises $2400 to help pay off the debt on their hall.

  • Careers night run at Taradale HS with members talking of their experiences.

  • Jim Gordon joins Directors to lead a new committee called Club Services. Constitution changed.

  • $150 grant to Hine Mato who is an American Field Scholar; she is ex-St. Josephs and Taradale HS.

  • $48 to Taradale Rugby Club for tackle bags.

  • Club presents (Ned Holt) a foetal monitor to Bethnay Home.

  • Club continues, through Dave Prebeson, to support Rotoact.

  • Solo Parents picnic held at Hallam Dowling's place. A very successful event with plenty of fun for the children and a BBQ for all. There was even a real colour TV to watch on the veranda!

  • Diane Coburn selected for Student Exchange to South Africa.

  • Members help with Red Cross appeal. Also the Crippled Childrens Appeal.

  • $100 given to Guatamala Disaster appeal.




 18. Derek Ricketts

Secretary; Bill Love: Treasurer; Robert Kyle

Directors:  Gilbert Atkins, Des Stephens, Jim Gordon, Bob Twaddle

Reporter: Kyle Symons

  • Regular projects

    • Auction  Gross $4665; Net was $3048

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Marlene Austin (Luck's Dairy)

    • Distribution:

      • $2500 to Town Hall fund;

      • $250 to Riverside Park reserve fund.

  • Other Highlights:

  • Smokers asked to refrain from their habit until coffee was served!! Appears to have been effective. "Thank you for not smoking" notice installed in hall. Duncan Jamieson leading the charge.

  • Hall changes to go ahead. Ben Edginton and Mark Ward to liaise with Council. Alterations costs put at $67,000. Ray Turner made a donation of $10,000. 250 Club invest $7000 at 12½% to help pay Hall costs.

  • During the alterations, the Club used the Anglican Hall.

  • Greenmeadows struggling with attracting members and two Clubs look at defining territorial boundaries.

  • Milk powder for the South Pacific Islands being organised.

  • $200 to Save the Children for a Fijian child.

  • JR McKenzie Trust offer assistance for room upgrades at Atawhai. $100. Gil Cooper.

  • Uh, uh, smoking on the increase again." NO SMOKING" sign to be put up in Church Hall

  • Outward Bound. Ian Kepka's son Michael.

  • Caterers tender their resignation. New caterers to start when Town Hall reopens. Mrs Hammond and Mrs Lake

  • DG John Nicholls awards Club the Attendance Trophy for previous year(90.5%).

  • Mason Cup awarded to Laura Hond at a St Joseph's night at the Club.

  • Members help with SCF appeal and raise $484

  • Angie Paulich, Exchange student from W. Germany arrives.

  • Riverside Park fencing project completed under the direction of Gil Atkins.

  • Moved to increase Directors to 5 with a Youth Committee.

  • Club present a new Honours Board to the new Karamu Rotary Club.

  • Members work on Betty Munro's house, redecorating some rooms. (Ron Munro's daughter)

  • Members help with Crippled Children's collection.

  • Rotoact, led by Dave Prebenson, help Eve Edwards with her gardening. Eve recently widowed.

  • 13 members work on the Girl Guide's Camp at Omatua under the direction of Gil Atkins



 19. Gil Cooper

Secretary; Bill Love: Treasurer; Robert Kyle

Directors: Clendon Street, Mark Read, Ron Ebbett, Des Lanigan, Bruce Thomas

Reporter: Kyle Symons

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $7134.10; Net $4795.24

    • Camp Kaitawa organised by Des Lanigan

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Helen Stok (Scott & Ricketts)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $3,500 to Town Hall project

      • $1500 to Cripple Children; concreting drive.

      • $500 to Lions Scanner appeal

      • $500 to Women's Emergency Centre

      • $300 to Senior Citizens for a wheel chair

      • $150 to Marewa Activity Centre for a new refrigerator.

      • $150 to St John's Ambulance

  • Other Highlights:

  • Club makes a 100% attendance

  • Members meet in Anglican Hall during alterations to Supper Room. Return to Town Hall August 4th 1977. DG Leighton Patmore spoke at the first meeting in new Upper Lounge.

  • Ben Edginton runs a 250 Club which raises $4,535 for the Town Hall Fund

  • Lake & Wells contracted as caterers by V.P. Bob Twaddle and prepare first meal on the first night back in the new lounge.

  • Pakeke Lions contribute to the costs to the refurbishment of the lounge.

  • At direction of R.I., appointed club’s first Youth Director – Des Lanigan

  • Presentation of a colour TV set to James Foley ward at Napier Hospital. Joint project with Taradale RSA.

  • A Beseller Opaque projector acquired with the help of a grant of $350 from the South Pacific Jubilee Trust. This was packed and shipped to the Niue Islands Education department.

  • $1200 collected on behalf of Save the Children fund. Members also turn out for Plunket Society collection; and a Crippled Childrens collection.

  • $200 Sponsorship of two Fijian students continued through SFC. Avindra Kumar

  • Meeting at St Joseph's;$600 for a St Joseph's student; Mason Cup to Laura Hond. Members get involved with the singing of "Pokarekareana"

  • Books to Fiji programme continues

  • Dropped “God Save the Queen” in favour of “God defend NZ” as closing ‘anthem’.

  • Combined conference at Rotorua of Districts 292 and 293  to mark the formation of new District 293, subsequently to become 993 and then 9930.  Club was originally part of Wellington’s 294.

  • Following the District Conference, ICFR (Caravan Fellowship) was formed.

  • PA system introduced – instigator – Warren Cooper.

  • Members assist with Telethon National Appeal and raise over $2000.

  • Club experiments with pre-meal Fellowship in the Rotary Lounge rather then the Taradale Hotel.

  • A small group renew Rotary signs on the main roads.

  • Debbie Marshall, St Joseph's, selected for Student Exchange to USA. Dianne Cockburn returns from South Africa and addresses the Club

  • Firewood project in conjunction with Rotoact.

  • Club plans to start an Interact Club at Taradale High School.

  • Incoming Exchange Student is Rhonda Rose from Washington State, USA

  • Young Home Owners Class held at Community College and was well attended.

  • Lynne Prebenson chosen for RYLA

  • Jim Driver addresses Club on Marewa Activity Centre. Club later successfully nominates Jim for an Ambassadorial Scholarship for a years study in USA in 1983-84



  20. Bob Twaddle QSM

Secretary; Bruce McLeod: Treasurer; Bob Mason

Directors: Brownie Brown, Brian Dolan, Robert Kyle, Ted Skudder, Kel Tremain

Reporter: Andrew Jamieson

  • Major proposal

    • Kel Tremain spoke to Directors of desire of Community Service Committee to set up permanent fund to support Exchange Students. The idea was first proposed by Ron Ebbett with the suggestion putting $2500 per year for next 4 years so that income from it can be used to help those of limited means to apply for Rotary Exchange - regardless of the family's means. Full discussion followed from which the following motion arose: Proposed Kel Tremain, seconded Gil Cooper: "That recommendation of Community Committee to set up an education bursary be adopted by the Club as 25th Anniversary Project."

    • Directors support the proposal and this is endorsed by the Club on the 21st July 1979 and so a fund was established to support young students facing hardship in continuing their education.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $7605; Net $4517

    • Camp Kaitawa; Ron Ward organises Camp Kaitawa working/holiday party

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award (presented by the Mayor).  Dorothy Pufflett (Peter Sugden Pharmacy)

    • Citrus drive for Atawhai organised by Kel Tremain. 130 cases of fruit collected. Some also sent to Princess Alexandra Hospital.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $2500 reserved for 25th Anniversary project. (Education Fund)

      • $1700 donated to Federated Farmers to support their project assisting blind children

      • $250 contributed to the Southland Flood Relief Fund


  • Other Highlights:

  • $3,500 raised by the Club for the Town Hall fund. A telephone appeal raises another $4,280

  • Solar Heater project to Nuku'alofa, cost $438. Installed in the following year.

  • Club help Rotoact sell recipe books to raise funds; Flea market raises $245 for Rotoact

  • Exchange students. Debbie Marshall in the USA; Vaughan Lines (inwards from S.Africa); Brendon Quinlivan selected for next year and will go to Pennsylvania, USA in 1979. Wayne Carson selected to go to USA in 1980

  • Fridge/freezer donated to Jim Driver's Community Activity Centre at Marewa.

  • Club members help with SFC collection; Club sponsoring 2 children under SFC

  • Members help with fund raising for Crippled Children

  • Club assist 2 to Outward Bound. (Selena Brown and Selina Rutherford)

  • Rural/Urban night hosted by Ron Ebbett at his farm on Apley Rd

  • Members, organised by Kel Tremain, concrete a large driveway for the Crippled Children's Home.

  • Club help out with painting at St Joseph's; Tracy Brown wins Mason Cup

  • Rotary Caravan touring group visit Club

  • Members help with painting of the Cruse Club

  • RYLA awardee David Philips



 21. Yick Gee

Secretary; Ian Elliffe: Treasurer; Bob Mason

Directors: Ben Edginton, Brian Holmes, Bob Knappstein, Charles Moncur, David Rench

Reporter: John Campbell

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $7254; Net $5488

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.  John Allan (Prebbles)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $2500 set aside for Educational Trust fund

      • $2000 to Teenarena

      • $1500 for 3H project

      • $1455 to Fairhaven School

      • $200 to Abbotsford Appeal fund

      • $250 to Fiji Relief Fund

  • Other Highlights:

  • Solar Heater sent to St Andrews College, Nuku'alofa, Tonga. School sent handicraft as an appreciation of thanks. These goods were passed to the Auction committee.

  • Successful SCF appeal; well supported by Club members; continuing sponsorship of Fijian student plus a student in Kenya

  • Inward Exchange student, Antoinette le Roux from South Africa; outward Wayne Carson

  • ROVE (Rotary Overseas Vocational Exchange); Club sponsored a student, Boyd Taylor, to Australia, working at McWilliams Winery.

  • Club sponsors Brian Kelsey on GSE team to Arizona

  • Move to launch an Interact Club at Taradale High School. Initial meeting showed an interest from 19 students

  • Hand tools collected for a Rarotonga High Schools' woodwork room; collection going well

  • 3H(Health, Hunger & Humanity) RI programme. Club initially opposed but changed their mind and decided to support; manure project to raise funds. This raised $540. A games evening raised $230. Selling incinerators raised $180. BBQ table sales raised another $250. Eventually $1500 sent to 3H.



 22. John Lister*

Secretary; : Treasurer;

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $8544:Net $6193

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Citrus collection this year to Tairei. Warren Copper reports it to be a great success.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.  Jan Potter (McDonalds Supermarket)

    • Distribution:

      • $3000 set aside for an Atawhai project for the disable

      • $2500 to Education Trust fund

      • $500 to IHC

      • $300 to St Johns  Ambulance

      • $150 donated to Dr Fleischl's fund to support refugees (boat people) in Malaysia.

      • $200 granted for Taieri Flood relief

      • $500 grant to flood relief in Thames-Paeroa area.

      • $150 donated to Ozaman House, Palmerston North

      • $200 to Youth Aid Section of the Police to cover costs of a train trip to Oputauma for children.

  • Other Highlights:

  • Club member Ian Norrie wins World Flying Fifteen yachting title with Barry Finlayson

  • Vaulting Horse donated to Taradale High School

  • Traction Splint donated to St John's Ambulance.

  • Rhonda Rose, Exchange student 1978, returns to Taradale and attend first meeting.

  • Damianne Rikihana, St Joseph's Maori Girls' College, thanks Club for sponsoring her for Youth Exchange to Br. Columbia.

  • Philip Alexander going to Utah on Student Exchange.

  • Ann Parish new incoming Exchange Student. Staying with Denis and Vivienne Robinson

  • Philip Gordon sponsored as Exchange student to Alaska

  • Current Japanese Exchange students Nobuko and Skoko delight the Club. Parents came from Japan to visit them.

  • Kel Tremain delivers clothing to a Fiji village near Pacific Harbour.

  • Carpentry tools project concluded with their arrival at Titikaveka, Cook Islands.

  • Ben Edginton's BBQ tables and Cheese Boards raise $1700.

  • Combined meeting held with Karamu Club at the DB Heretunga Hotel.

  • Interact Club at Taradale High School underway. Charter Night planned

  • Trust Deed to be drawn up for Education Fund; signed off May 1981. Education Trust reserve fund stands at $5759 as at Dec 31 1980

  • Club raises money for Save the Children Fund and IHC

  • Successful Stress Seminar at Taupo. Ian Kepka "tears the course apart" with sub par golf.

  • Family BBQ held at Riverside Park. Very successful

  • Club visit Moteo Pa. Reported as an outstanding visit.

  • Successful visit to St Joseph's Maori Girls' College where Howard Morrison spoke and entertained.

  • Auction provisionally raises $8544. Ken Jobson and Bill Beaton were the convenors.

  • ROVE candidates to Australia

  • RYLA candidate Pamela Dine



 23. Peter Sugden

Secretary;  Alan Plested: Treasurer; Barry Percy

Directors: Charlie Bell, John Campbell, Ken Carson, Greg Gear, Doug Rees


  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross; $7779; Net $4769.

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Citrus drive runs into unexpected costs. $400 for transport to the South Island.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.  Donna Danvers (Kyle Symons)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $2500 to Educational Trust

      • $1000 for a tilt bed

      • $5185 was left in the Auction account

      • $3000 set aside for a building at Atawhai for the disable.

      • $500 to Omatua Girl Guides building project

  • Other Highlights:

  • Pill project completed thanks to Peter Sugden and Ted Morris

  • IHC Trailer project complete

  • Twin Exchange to Australia. Charlie Bell's and Ron Schofield's daughters, Nicki and Kathryn confirmed. Worked well

  • Exchange student Per Sorenson to start with Ron Ward

  • Another solar heater going to Tonga. Doug Pirie of Taupo going to Tonga and will assemble; St John's, costs $600

  • Library books sent to Fiji with assistance of Air NZ.

  • Interact Club reports $2000 raised from their Telephone project for Wildlife Trust.

  • Education Trust reserve now $9695

  • Jim Driver, Rotary Foundation Scholarship to USA, nominated by club

  • Solar heater to St Andrews College Tonga. Ted Skudder gifted fittings

  • Greg Halpin sent to Outward Bound

  • Shipment of fertiliser shipped to Tonga

  • Dianne Beckett to RYLA

  • Continued support for SCF

  • Bed for multiple sclerosis sufferers. Ken Carson organised. $1000



 24. Pete Simons

Secretary; Ted Skudder: Treasurer; Gerald van Zanten

Directors: Pat Durkin,. Doug McGechan, Bill Love, John Poppelwell, John Skilton

Reporter: George Lester

  • Notable events

    • Club approves taking over the management of the Town Hall from the Council. A Town Hall committee established. Arthur Stafford convenor.

    • The  Club successful with its nominee, Jim Driver,  for a Rotary Foundation scholarship to the USA. This is the only time the Club has been successful with such a prestigious award.

    • Club adopts the building of flats at Atawhai as a major project for 25th Anniversary.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction grosses more than $6800.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $1000 to Greendale Swimming Club

      • $500 to Dr Sahu Khan, Fiji for their X-ray machine;

      • $1000 to Waiohiki Marae fund;

      • $1000 for the Chain & Post fence constructed across the front of Riverside Park.

      • $250 to Multiple Sclerosis Society

      • Atawhai fund established.

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.  No Award

    • Citrus drive supported by Pakeke Lions. 5 tonnes collected; 3 tonnes to Dunedin for distribution by Rotarians to pensioner flats; 2 tonnes to Upper Hutt.

  • Other Highlights:

  • Club stalwart Mac McCalmont dies. and a memorial seat erected outside the Atawhai Centre as a memorial.

  • 10 BBQ tables made using donated materials; sold for $650 which went to talking books for the blind; deepfreeze for the Napier Activity Centre; cups & sauces for Care & Craft; safety seat for Taradale Plunket.

  • Home Ownership seminar held at Community College; 87 attended

  • Educational Trust reaches $14,000 and now incorporated for 80 years.

  • Annette Armour and Katrina Moore, Twin Exchange students return to Australia after successful exchanges with Nicki Bell and Kathryn Schofield.

  • Lisa Campbell and Joanne Barrand selected for Twin Exchange to Australia. Ursala Stevens and Jenny Blackburn, Australia are the twins.

  • Student exchange student is Helen Lowe to Minden in Canada.

  • Philip Gordon returns from IYE in Alaska and speaks to Club of his experiences.

  • Club provide members to assist Plunket Society fund-raising.

  • Members help with the annual Save the Children appeal.

  • Members assist with St John's Ambulance appeal.

  • 18 Rotoact members visit the Club.

  • Club supports a boy to Outward Bound

  • Club supports Vanessa Auld Project

  • Club holds a meeting at the Waiohiki marae. Greatly enjoyed by those who went. One member went to Motoe, then Fernhill, before arriving at Waiohiki!

  • RYLA students Glenda Neilson and Jenny Mayo (1983) and Dianne Beckett (1982).



25th Jubilee President

 25. Bill Beaton*

Secretary; Tony Trent: Treasurer; Gerald van Zanten

Directors: Jim Dine, Ron Schofield, Bob McCaw, Bruce Robb, Richard Howell

Reporter: Gil Cooper

  • Major Projects

    • Atawhai Resthome: Two units completed under the supervision of Ron Schofield and Ben Edginton.

    • Education Trust reached $15,000 and a committee established to select its first recipients.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Auction grosses Gross $13,394, Net $14,949 (raffle added)

    • Camp Kaitawa working holiday lay new lino in the kitchen.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.   Sally Hollier (Jessica's)

    • 5 tons citrus fruit collected in successful annual project.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $7929 for the Atawhai Flats project

      • $500 for Michael's Place

      • $13,056 was left in the project account this year


  • Other Highlights:

  • The Club's  25th anniversary. Anniversary Dinner was held with the District Governor, John Webb, present.

  • Club nominee Jim Driver (Rotary Foundation Scholarship) leaves for USA.

  • Tim Oliver and Andrew A sponsored to Outward Bound.

  • Inbound Exchange Student, Theresa (Syd) Timblin arrives.

  • Twin Exchange students; Lisa Campbell and Ursala Stevens (Australia).

  • 100 bags of sheep manure sold at $2.50 a bag.

  • SFC collection raises $2500.

  • Club Golf Tournament to celebrate 25 Years of Rotary.

  • Home Ownership seminar run at Community College (later to become the EIT).

  • Arthur Stafford awarded Paul Harris medal.



 26. Mark Read

Secretary; Tony Trent: Treasurer; Jack Lockyer

Directors: Bob Mason, Ken Jobson, Ron Ward, David Rench, Ian Finlayson

Reporter: Chris Bell-Booth

  • Special Event

    • Official Opening of Atawhai Homes; Ron Schofield awarded Paul Harris Medal during the opening of flats.

    • Education Trust committee announce first awards to Krycia Krawczyk ($1000) and Sandra Ogilvie ($500).

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $10,000, Net $8000

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award.  Jennifer Hay (Gloucester Fashions)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $7000 HB Hospice

      • $5000 Taradale Sports Trust

      • $500 Multiple Sclerosis Society

  • Other Highlights:

  • Teresa (Syd) Timblin, Exchange student, leaves form home in Michigan USA, after a successful exchange.

  • Twin Exchanges to Australia: Toni Gray and Warwick McKee to Australia, twined with Meredith Howeson and Roger Gorrel. Later in the year Bruce Thompson and Jocelyn Murtagh (AMSE) to Australia; twined with Karen Mason and Philip Wilson from Australia

  • Altrusa raise $1000 for Atawhai flats soft furnishing.

  • Members work on finishing jobs on Atawhai Flats with painting and papering;

  • International Committee organise 14 course Chinese Dinner. A huge success

  • Save the Children Collection. 20 drivers

  • Stress Seminar organised by Jim Gordon

  • Taradale Interact President Karen Laugensen addresses Club. Club has 20 members and meets fortnightly. Assist with Community projects. Later they appeal to Rotarians to attend their meeting and encourage young people to join.

  • Dave Rench sells Sheep manure.

  • Ladies Night combined with Rural-Urban at McWilliams Winery (now Church Rd) surrounded by wine barrels.

  • Nicole Drake, Rotary Exchange, returns from Salt Lake City and thanks the Club.

  • Dictionaries sent to a Samoan school. Letter of thanks received.

  • Club welcomed onto the St Joseph's marae in a unique meeting at the school.



 27. Ron Ebbett

Secretary; Doug McGechan: Treasurer; Jack Lockyer

Directors: Leith Peddie, Bryan Dillon, Brian Neilson, Clendon Street, Chris Bell-Booth

Reporter: Bill Stewart

  • Significant Events

    • PDG Jack Marshall presents Club with Significant Achievement Award for Atawhai Flats. Sketch of Ron and Ben presented.

    • This was the Taradale Centenary year. Gil Atkins organising street parade with his horses leading.

  • Major Projects

    • Water tanks in Samoa. Club support the water tank project at Logoi'pulotu School and Ron Ward travels to the school on Savai'i, Western Samoa, to supervise the installation.

    • Club presents Sister Zita with a cheque for $3940 to help with renewing water tanks at her school in Western Samoa. Dave Nichol organises a 200 Club raffle for Sister Zita

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Auction :Gross $10,979, Net $7974.

    • Auction 8 Day Holiday raffle made $1620. Organised by Kel Tremain. Won by Ben Edginton.

  • Annual activities:

    • Citrus drive. 8.5 tonnes with help from Pateke Lions

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Amanda Gibbs (Peter Sugden Pharmacy)

    • Camp Kaitawa Trust.

    • RYLA awardees Germain Meews and Jim Wilson.

  • Project Account distribution:

    • $1000 Multiple Sclerosis

    • $3000 to Educational Trust fund

    • $891 Cranford Hospice

    • $500 to Centennial Celebration committee

    • $1525 to International Youth Exchange.

    • Small amounts donated to the; Mexico Earthquake Appeal ($150), South Canterbury Flood Relief ($100), $500 to the Taradale Centennial Committee, $500 to the Ian Elliffe Memorial Scholarship fund

  • Other highlights:

  • Attempt to place Education Trust funds into a commercial property. Club did not approve this.

  • Education Trust stands  at $18741.35 by the end of the year.

  • Ed Trust makes its second awards: Krysia Krawczyk $1000, Carol King $400 (for books), Sandra Ogilvie $200 (for bike). Krysia spoke to the Club after her first year at university.

  • Club makes submission to Committee of Inquiry into Violence.

  • Club makes 3 nominations for GSE. None were successful. Ian Kepka not successful in being appointed team leader.

  • George Metcalf made Honorary members. Arthur Miller declines

  • Clarissa Johnson, IES from Woodward, Oklahoma, USA arrives and thanked Club for hosting her. Counsellor Ken and Colleen Carson.

  • Members stewards at Wine and Food Festival stall at Tomoana. Organised by Clendon Street.

  • Club helps Bill Geange go to Taiwan. Bob McCaw reports successful outcome with $4000 raised for Bill's dialysis treatment while in Taiwan. Bill later wrote and thanked the Club. Speaker late in the Rotary year. Thanked Bob McCaw and Ron Schofield for their efforts in raising the funds he needed.

  • Ted Morris and Ian Elliffe died during the year. Club supports a memorial scholarship at Taradale High School in memory of Ian.

  • Tom Jamieson, who was sponsored by the club 19 years ago to join a VSA team, talked to club on his work in Thailand.

  • Jim Driver speaks to club on youth problems as seen from his role as director of Napiers Community Activity Centre.



 28. John Campbell

Secretary; Ken Jobson: Treasurer; Robert Kyle

Directors: Tony Trent, Bill Stewart, Ian Angus, Ben Edginton, Norman Lee


  • Regular projects

    • Auction Successfully run by Gil Atkins and Doug Rees. Distributions below

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Bill Longshaw (Scott & Ricketts)

    • Citrus drive

    • Funds distribution:

      • $4300 for Gloucester St Podium

      • $7500 to Polio Plus

      • $2000 to Educational Trust fund

      • $250 to Taradale Rowing Club

      • $900 supporting student to Outward Bound

      • $484 to Sister Zita in W. Samoa

      • $ 590 to Save the Children fund

  • Other Highlights:

  • 200 Club raises $1000

  • Raffles on World Cup soccer raises $1890



 29. Bryan Dillon

Secretary; Bob Mason  Treasurer; Bill Hawkins

Directors: Clive Adams, Brian Holmes, Kevyn Moore, Denis Swan, Brian Wright

Reporter: Ian Finlayson

  • Notable events

    • Rotary International targets the Polio Plus project with a year of fund-raising. Club organise an orchids project with the co-operation of South Pacific Orchids, to raise their share of funds.

    • Club joins matching grants project with $500 to support purchase of modern dental equipment for the Boat People in Hong Kong. Harold Howard a prime mover in this project.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction takings up 20% on previous year.

    • Camp Kaitawa. "Friends of Camp Kaitawa" to be formed and aim to raise $40,000 to build 4 new huts.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Glenda Clark (Lennox & Gee)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $600 to Taradale High School for Peer Support

      • $1250 for Sister Zita fo Logiopuluto School in W. Samoa

      • $500 to Taradale Rugby Club


  • Other Highlights:

  • IYE student Gisa Brinkmann arrives from Barkhausen, West Germany. Addresses the Club about her home, town and country.

  • Educational Trust disburse $4000. One recipient is Penni Taylor a 10 year old violinist who entertains the Club at the Christmas party

  • 13 bins of fruit dispatched to Dunedin after annual Citrus Drive organised by Clive Adams.

  • Save the Children fund collection run by Denis Swan

  • Mock Interviews organised by Des Lanigan for St. Joseph's.

  • Ron Ward visits Samoa and takes goods to Sister Christine of Longio'polotu College.

  • 25th Jubilee Jug comes to light among goods from Mac Macalmonts garage.

  • Clive Adams builds BBQ tables to raise funds.

  • Town Hall rental, under Arthur Stafford's control, reaches $12,000.

  • Kristine Campbell selected as outward IYE student to go to Myerstown, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Peer Support programme, which is an RI project, operating in Taradale High School.

  • Winston Peters gives his State of the Nation address to Club

  • Foundation member Wyn Geenty dies.

  • Club support Taradale High School Mystery Envelop appeal

  • Hon Mike Moore guest speaker at a Partners night.

  • Annia Light incoming IYE student from USA

  • John Lister raises the proposition that a Probus Club for professional women be established.

  • Stella Stafford retires from the job of posting out Anniversary Cards to members, a task she has dome for 20 years.

  • Members visit UEB Packing house.



 30. Brian Neilson*

Secretary; Chris Bell-Booth:  Treasurer; Bob McCaw, Major Boyce

Directors: Bill Hawkins, Brett Jackson, Bob Knappstein, Bruce McLeod, Ross Ross-Taylor

Reporter: Bob Twaddle

  • Regular projects

    • Auction grosses $17,500, net $15,000

    • Camp Kaitawa. $3000 received from J. R. Mckenzie Trust to support Camp Kaitawa.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Rhonda Gilbertson (Greendale Florist)

    • Citrus drive successfully organised by Bruce McLeod's committee. 5 tonnes sent south to Dunedin.

    • Save the Children collection held. Collection up 20%.

    • Distribution:

      • Club donates $100 to Greymouth Flood appeal and $200 for Xmas parcels for families in need.

      • $1206 for muscular dystrophy, presented to Susan Devoy on behalf of the  the national organisation.

      • $500 donated to Alzheimer's Day Care Centre.

      • $200 to Save the Children

      • $250 to Lifeline

      • $300 to Puketapu School for Outreach Programme

      • $200 to Community Food Bank- Anglican Church


  • Other Highlights:

  • The two minute talk extended to 3 minutes. The limit to be strictly, even "fiercely" applied! A warning bell at two minutes, final bell at 3 minutes and the garrotte at 4 minutes! First 3 minute speaker reported to be timed at 4 and a half minutes. He avoided garrotting.

  • Club's being polled on the issue of admitting women to Rotary. Towards the end of this Rotary year, the Club held its own night to debate the issue. Finally voted 45-26 against RI admitting women.

  • John Lister foundation president of the new Taradale Probus Club. Club presents chains of office

  • Incoming exchange student is Annia Light, Ohio, USA. She had to return home before the end of her term.

  • Chris Duckworth (NZ) and Zane Townsend; Trisha Nielson and Angela Nilsson(NZ); matched students speak to Club.

  • Piers Sorenson, exchange student 1981-82, spoke to Club on a return visit to the area.

  • Home hosting introduced as a fund-raiser. First very successful. A second was held

  • Auction starts early with successful house lot sales.

  • The Mason Cup for oratory for St Joseph's speaker will be replaced as it cannot be found.

  • Club helps Rotoact with names of potential members.

  • Club holds mock interview night for Taradale HS students. Well received.

  • Members compete in fundraising relay and secure a debatable win over Greenmeadows RC.

  • Combined meeting held at Napier Golf Club with Taradale Lions.

  • Rob Duckworth organises a successful trivial pursuits night for muscular dystrophy.

  • Sister Zita thanks Club for the receipt of a duplicator and typewriter for her Samoan school.

  • Club assists with BBQ for Atawhai.

  • Ron Ward awarded MBE in Christmas Honours

  • Balance of funds from the Taradale centennial fund, presented to the Club. $2400 put in Education Trust fund.

  • Ian Kepka win annual Rotary Golf tournament; Sheena Beaton wins the ladies cup.

  • GSE Ladies team from England visit the Club

  • Club achieved a 100% night towards the end of the Rotary year.

  • Grant Burney Club's RYLA nominee.

  • 30th Anniversary dinner a great party with lots of reminiscing. Two remaining charter members are Jim Dine and Bill Beaton. DG Tom Ryan attended and addressed the Club. He spoke about the magnitude of Rotary Foundation expenditure. Three members, Gil Atkins, Doug Rees and Bob Twaddle, were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships.

  • Incoming matched students from Australia address the Club. Carolyn Smith from the Cape Arnhem area, and Gillian Hope from Townsville.

  • Kristin Campbell, exchange student, speaks to Club on her return from Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Proposal that two Polytech Scholarships be established, one in Nursing, the second in "another faculty". Valued at $500 each.

  • President Brian starts preliminary discussions on plans to upgrade the Town Hall.



 31. Ken Jobson*

Secretary; Bill Hawkins: Treasurer; Des Lanigan

  • Regular projects

    • Auction Gross $12,265; Net $11,870

    • Camp Kaitawa

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Kaye Fisher (Glenn Roberts Pharmacy)

    • First Polytech Awards night Anne Grover (Nursing), Wendy Nightingale (Art)

    • Funds distribution:

      • $5000 Child Cancer appeal

      • $1,000 Hurricane Relief in Samoa (Cyclone Val)

      • $1000 HB Polytech Awards

      • $500 Pakowhai School

      • $500 HB Anglican Youth

      • $2500 Katmandu Building Project

      • $500 Taradale High School Sailing Club

  • Other Highlights:





 32. Kevyn Moore, Tony Trent

Secretary; Bill Hawkins: Treasurer; Des Lanigan

Directors: Robin Arnold, Bob Mason, Doug McGechan, Mark Read, Tony Smithers, Steve Winter

Reporter: Max Plested

  • Tony was transferred to Auckland early in his term; Kevyn Moore (VP) took over role of President
  • Notable events

    • Start of the Planet Earth Project, promoted by Ron Ward, gets started on Kel Tremain land.
    • Teddy Bear's picnic. First time members help out this promotion 
  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair  Gross $17567; Net $19834 (Raffle brought in an additional $6165); 
    • Polytech Awards night Maree Gladstone (Nursing), Richard Wood (Business Studies)
    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Richard Turner (McDonalds)
    • Citrus drive in conjunction with Pakeke Lions. Dispatched to Mosgiel
    • Funds distribution: 
      • $16,000 to Town  Hall reserve, 
      • $1000 to Search & Rescue Organisation, 
      • $1000 to Alzheimers Society, 
      • $700 to Deaf Association
  • Other highlights:
  • Job Interviews held at St Joseph's;  Mock interviews held at Taradale HS.
  • Books to Tonga project. Form 7 texts for Tonga Form 7. Taradale High School providing texts.
  • Town Hall committee reconvened. Arthur Stafford as convenor
  • Mobil BBQ to be built at cost of $3000. Completed 1991
  • Student Exchange. Carl Wollenburg an exceptional student
  • Summer Science School. Club sponsors  John Graham (Auckland)
  • $500 approved in support of a paraplegic girl to row across Lake Titicaca in Brazil as part of the 
    NZ Paraplegic team 
  • Paul Harris. Harold Howard for his work as a voluntary dentist in Hong Kong
  • and Sloan Millar for his work with Masonic flats and rest home.




 33. Bob Knappstein

Secretary; Bill Hawkins: Treasurer; Des Lanigan

Directors: Max Plested, Ted Skudder, Nevin Dawson, Donal McBeth, Kel Tremain, Clive Adams

Reporter: Richard Spence

  • Notable events

    • Kel Tremain dies. Suggested that Educational Trust be renamed to KT Memorial Education Trust. 
    • Trust account stands at $31,749.
  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair  Gross $19,900 Net $16,833

    • Polytech Awards night Kirsty Nicholl (Nursing Award of Excellence), John Owens (Business Studies)
    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Colleen Little (Mills Shoes)
    • Citrus drive in conjunction with Pakeke Lions. Fruit dispatched to Mosgiel
    • Teddy Bear's picnic. Members help again. 
    • Save Planet Earth proceeding smoothly under Ron Ward.
    • Funds distribution:

      • $10,000 for Town Hall Improvements

      • $800 Summer Science School

      • $766 Planet Earth

      • $568 DARE project

      • $500 Coppavan

      • $500 Royal Lifesaving Society

  • Other highlights:

  • Planning proceeds for Town Hall upgrade. Hall costings approaching $190,000. Club to share costs with NCC.
  • Bowls tournament raises $514 for  Royal Life Saving Soc. manikin.
  • BBQ held which raises $279 for DARE. Club to top up to $500
  • Student exchange student, Kirsty McAllum, Canada.
  • SCF collection raises $2316. Two overseas students supported under SFC.
  • Winston Peters as keynote speaker
  • George Metcalf turns 100
  • New Probus Club sponsored to be a mixed club. Club to donate Chain of Office.



 34. Clive Adams

Secretary; Bill Hawkins: Treasurer; Gavin Thomas

Directors: John Aikman, John Burrell, Keith Lines, Ross Ross-Taylor, Bert Thomas

Reporter: Richard Spence

  • Major projects

    • Refurbished Town Hall opened by Mayor of Napier August 20th 1992 to complete a $250,000 project. The Club awarded the "The Most Significant Project" Award by the District.

    • Kelvin Tremain Memorial Education Trust established with funds of $27,922. First KTMET Trustees make awards to Terry Simmonds, Craig Boardman, Micheala Sterling. Total $3000.

    • Charity Dinner, organised by Kevyn Moore, with Peter Johnson as guest speaker, raises $21,000 for the new  Kelvin Tremain Memorial Education Trust, boosting funds to $57,000.

    • Telephone appeal to raises $30,000 to assist Denise Gordon, daughter of late club member Jim Gordon and wife Noelene in order that she can obtain a liver transplant in Brisbane.

  •  Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair Gross $12,941, Net $12,208;

      Polytech Awards night Kerry-Jan Haraki (Nursing), Scott Keighly  (Business Studies)

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Jan Turner (Lennox & Gee Pharmacy)

    • Citrus drive; 6 tonnes of fruit dispatched to the South Island.

    • Club members help with Teddy Bears' Picnic

    • Dolbel Reserve get a grant of $2000 from the Ministry of Environment to assist with their ongoing work. 20 trees planted by Taradale High School.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $3000 to Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust

      • $2000 Summer Science School

      • $1185 Planet Earth

      • $1000 Polytech Awards

      • $1000 to Hohepa Foundation for Mrs Stromack who is trying to raise $2000 for the Foundation.

      • $900 Outward Bound for Nicola Merrick


  • Other highlights:

  • First night in the refurbished hall featured Honorary member George Metcalf's 100th Birthday

  • Club hosts two GSE teams; a ladies team from South Africa/Zimbabwe, the other from the UK.

  • Twenty five years of the Stress Seminar celebrated at Turangi.

  • Ayrica Bennett (USA) is the visiting Exchange Student from USA and attends Taradale High School. Sarah Lanigan is the outward student going to Sweden.

  • Club involved with 'Reaching Out' and DARE programmes in local schools.

  • Club sponsors two students to the Summer Science Schools.

  • Two young people sent to RYLA.

  • Charity Bowls tournament raises $470 for Age Concern.

  • Champagne Breakfast held in the Taradale Shopping Centre but lost $300. Held day after the Kiri Te Kanawa concert at the Mission.

  • Club visited St Joseph's Maori Girls College; Mason Cup presented.

  • Taradale Ladies Probus Club launched with a huge response from retired business women. $350 granted for regalia.

  • Winston Peters night very successful.

  • Books to Fiji project started with Glenys McCaw collecting books which Club will arrange for shipment and meet costs.

  • SFC collection again successful this year. Continuing to support a young Fijian boy.

  • Club assist young students by getting $1000 of funds from JR McKenzie Trust.

  • Four Emergency boxes completed and dispatched. Funded by home hosting.

  • Donation of $200 to Ozaman House after Arthur Stafford returned from a spell there.



 35. Trevor Kilpatrick

Secretary; Robin Arnold: Treasurer; Gavin Thomas

Directors: Iain Angus, Graham Duncan, Bill Hawkins, Leith Peddie, Max Plested

Reporter: Ray McTeigue

  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair Gross $16,810, Net $11,142

    • Citrus drive with Pakeke Lions. Successful drive.

    • Members assist with Teddy Bears picnic.

    • Polytech Awards night Jane Price (Nursing), Urarii Ruatoe (Visual Arts & Design)

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Mark Whittington (Hallensteins)

    • St Joseph's evening. Mason Cup presented to Trish Davis

    • Funds distribution:-

      • $6,315 Rotary Lounge Foyer

      • $1000 Emergency boxes

      • $1000 Polytech Awards

      • $980 Rotahome project; Homes for the poor in Fiji.

      • $800 Summer Science School

      • $847 Planet Earth

      • $500 Napier Plunket Society

  • Other highlights:

  • Four emergency boxes completed and sent off.

  • SFC supporting Ritesh Maharaj in Fiji.

  • 300 kg  local primary books shipped to Fiji where Glenys McCaw organised distribution through Save the Children (Suva).

  • Club host Exchange student Vibeke Jarness (Norway)

  • Mock interviews at Taradale High School.

  • Atawhai project costs at $9984. PSSA agree to put $5000 towards the project

  • Youth committee sponsor child to Opautama Youth camp

  • Winston Peters speaker; successful night

  • Another successful Bowls tournament. Proceeds made up to $500 and donated to Plunket Society.

  • Grant of $250 to Teachers of Deaf and Hearing Impaired.

  • Yakkum Rehabilitation Hospital receive $295

  • Dave Nichol and John Lister awarded Paul Harris Medals



 36. Ross Pinkham QPM

Secretary; Mark Oldershaw: Treasurer; Jim Dobbie

Directors: Doug Syme, Neville Withers, Ray Burney, Richard Howell, Grant McDonald

Reporter: David Kidd

  • Notable Events

    • Club history made with induction of first woman Rotarian, Pam Tremain. 10th Nov 1994

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair grosses $15,000

    • Firewood sales and Home hosting, $1800.

  • Annual Activities

    • Courteous Shop Assistants award to Michelle Kingi (McCarthy's Bookshop)

    • Citrus drive fruit to Dunedin

    • Polytech awards Evelyn Langley (Nursing), Jackie Doyle (Recreation & Sport)

  • Funds distribution:-

    • $1500 Matching Grant scheme for surgical trays to Garoka hospital.

    • $1000 to the Taradale Library.

    • Yakkum Rehabilum Trust granted $1000.

    • Tamatea HS granted $500 for a video purchase


  • Other highlights:

  • SFC sponsorship of Ritesh Maharaj in Fiji.

  • Emergency box completed.

  • Members work at the Teddy Bears' Picnic day erecting tents for the Arthritis Foundation.

  • Members assisted the Arthritis Foundation on their appeal day.

  • Enjoyable night with the staff and girls form St. Joseph's Maori Girls College. Mason Cup presented.

  • Air NZ boarding passes collected win four mystery trips (equivalent money) for the Club plus half a share with Greenmeadows.

  • Air conditioning of Town Hall completed.

  • Tutira Walk organised.

  • Successful Fish to Atawhai organised

  • Nearly 200 bowlers take part in a bowls tournament at the Omaranui BC. Money raised went to Friendship Centre

  • CPR course run by Community Service. Many members attended.

  • Ian Haliburton sponsored to Outward Bound and Andrew McKinnon to RYLA

  • Student sponsored to the Summer Science School.

  • Paul Harris Awards to Clive Adams and Jock Morris




 37. Nevin Dawson

Sec; Mark Oldershaw: Tres; Jim Dobbie

Directors: Robin Arnold, Bill Hawkins, David Kidd, Rob Pattullo, Leith Peddie

Reporter: John Campbell

  • Highlights:

  • Regular projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair nets $13,457:

    • Courteous Shop Assistants award to Lynne Reilly (Peter Sugden Pharmacy)

    • Annual Polytech awards at the Polytech. Awards to Catherine Wood & Brendon Bodley.

    • St Joseph's night. Mason Cup awarded to Veronica Stone.

    • Citrus drive sends fruit to Dunedin

    • Stock take at Warehouse makes $1700 for the Club.

    • Project Funds distribution:

      • $10,000 to the Taradale Library

      • $7,800 to Child Health Foundation

      • $2,300 to Taradale High School to purchase a new Pentium computer.

      • $2,500 to Variety Club for Adam Kendall


  • Other highlights:

  • Tomakomai Rotary North Club visit. They are hosted  to a BBQ lunch by Rob & Helen Pattullo. A Friendship agreement signed.

  • Club seeks funds for Upper Hall upgrade.

  • International support Fiji boys through SFC.

  • Books to Fiji project continuing. 20-30 cartons packed to be sent to Save the Children in Suva.

  • Club assists HB Ramblers Cycling Club event and raises $500.

  • Mock Job Interview programme run at St Joseph's.

  • Indoor bowls tournament organised

  • Wine tasting night organised at Church Rd Cellars. Great evening

  • Repaint of the Bar/Kitchen and Hallway; cost $400. Blinds and curtains added to the Upper Hall.

  • Janey Grant and Jacqui Snell join the Club as new woman members on the 7th March 1996. Lesley Petersen joins Rotary as the fourth woman's member on the 23rd May 1996

  • Bowls Tournament held.

  • Mark Read awarded Paul Harris Medal



 38. Max Plested

Secretary; Mark Oldershaw: Treasurer; John Burrell

Directors: Graham Duncan, Selwyn Dyet, Alan Hanson, Frank McCarthy, Alan Watton

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • In conjunction with Napier Rotary Club, a Car Show was run at Ahuriri in one of the wool stores. 67 Club members were involved and $800 was made on the BBQ. A net profit  $12,000

    • Funds distribution:

      • $4,000 to the Rescue Helicopter Trust

      • $4,000 to St John's Ambulance

      • $4000 to the Hohepa Homes Trust.  

    • The other project was a Charity Dinner with John Hart organised by Kevyn Moore which raised $21,000 for the Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair nets $10,000;

    • Courteous Shop Assistants award to Kelly Nicholls (Glenn Robert's Pharmacy)

    • Annual Polytech awards at the Polytech. Awards to Lynne Marshall (Health Studies), Caroline O'Neil (Business Studies)

    • Citrus drive sends fruit to Dunedin

    • 600 trees planted at Dolbel Reserve

    • Stock take at Warehouse makes $1700 for the Club.

    • Project Funds distribution:

      • $7,100 to KT Memorial Education Fund

      • $2500 to Taradale library

      • $2000 to Cranford Hospice

      • $2000 to Women's Refuge.

      • $1000 approved for the Yakkum Rehabilitation Trust in Indonesia which works with people who have lost limbs.


  • Other highlights:

  • Honorary member George Metcalf dies at 102.

  • Graham Duncan appointed Team leader of the GSE Team to England later in the year.

  • $500 raised assisting with Bike-a-thon

  • $540 raised from a Four Garden Walk. Directors make up to $1000 as the Clubs contribution to the national fundraiser to establish the Dame Malvina Major Foundation to support young musicians.

  • New Probus club started with thanks to Arthur Stafford and Bruce McLeod

  • Bowls Tournament makes $630

  • Successful Job Interviews for EIT students in Taradale and Hastings



 39. Bill Hawkins

Secretary; Ray McTeigue: Treasurer; John Burrell

Directors: Janey Grant, Keith Lines, Richard Spence, Robbie Symons, Gavin Thomas

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • $2500 Taradale Plunket for the fencing> Members labour over weekends erecting the fence.

  • Notable events

    • Shirley Lake & Gail Wells 20 Years of catering. $630 from meal and sergeant donated to Guide Dog appeal.

  • Annual Activities

    • Auction and Charity Fair Gross $17,000 on the day

    • Courteous Shop Assistants award to Janice Smith (NZ Post)

    • Annual Polytech awards at the Polytech. Awards to Caroline Toulmin (Health), Christie Matthews (Wine Science)

    • Citrus drive. Fruit sent to Dunedin

    • 600 trees ($550) planted at Dolbel Reserve

    • Teddy Bears picnic. Members help with erection of tents and their dismantling next day.

    • Stock take at Pak'n'save raises $1310 for the Club

  • Project Funds distribution:

    • $4000 Ozaman House

    • $2000 Taradale Library for talking books

    • $2000 to Atawhai project

    • $3000 to Pakowhai and Meeanee schools for 'Book in Schools'

    • $100 to the RI Kosovo Relief appeal.


  • Other highlights:

  • Taradale High School Time Capsule. The Club promoted sale of capsules at their Charity Auction.

  • Rotary Exchange student, Renata Ruschel from Sao Paulo

  • Graham Duncan named as team leader of 9930's GSE team to the Channel Islands. Simon Charteris, Club nominee also selected onto the team,

  • Members help in the Bay Cycle Race and raise $500 for their assistance

  • Club sponsors Sarah Marshall on a Matched Student Exchange to Canberra, Australia.

  • Rotary Exchange Student Boni Ruschel arrives from Brazil.

  • Club approves $2500 as its share in a Matching Grant fund to send a network of 10 Computers to Tonga

  • Natasha Howell selected as for Young Achiever Award.

  • Seat installed for the elderly on the corner of Devonshire Place and Puketapu Road for $750.

  • Matthew Annear selected for Student Exchange to Belgium.



 40. Graham Duncan

Secretary; Ray McTeigue: Treasurer; Selwyn Dyet

Directors: David Drake, Brett Jackson, Mark Oldershaw, Robert Pattullo, Lesley Petersen

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • Bugsy Malone Project for Child Cancer is a huge success. Grosses $152,000; nets $74,640.

    • Funds distribution:

      • $53,250 to the Child Cancer Trust

    • Computer project to Tonga. Bob McCaw and Richard Spence. Network assembled and shipped to Tonga.

  • Notable events

    • Club members construct Taradale Plunket's new fence and assist with the finance. Cost about $4000

    • Tomakomai North Rotary Club (Japan). Members, led by Bob Twaddle, make official visit.

  • Annual Activities

    • Courteous Shop Assistant's Award made to David Burch (McDonald's New World)

    • EIT Awards made to Helen McPherson (Nursing), Robyn Sircombe (Child Care)

    • Citrus drive fills 25 bins. Assistance given by ex-Pakeke Lions members.

    • Camp Kaitawa party complete maintenance work.

    • Teddy Bears picnic. Members help with erection of tents and their dismantling next day.

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair grosses $23,647

    • Pak'n'Save stock-take 35 members turned up and made $680. A further stock take in April realised $704 for the Club.

    • Motorway opening $272 raised from gold coin collection.

    • Home hosting raises $580.

    • Bowling tournament raises $478.

    • Cycle Marshalling $200

  • Project Funds distribution:

    • $5000 to HB Child Cancer

    • $2200 to Planet Earth

    • $4100 Cranford Hospice

    • $4000 Lowe Corporation helicopter

    • $2500 to Taradale Plunket to erect fence.

    • $2500 as share of matching grant project to send computers to Tonga

    • $2,000 to Kel Tremain Education Trust

    • $1,000 to Camp Kaitawa Trust

    • $1000 Arthritis Foundation

    • Plus contributions of less than $1000 to Life Education Trust, Pakowhai, CWI,Napier Friendly Neighbours, Spinal Cord Development, Puketapu School  Hall, Napier Food Bank, Lifeline HB, Barnados, Save the Children(NZ), Arthritis Foundation, Age Concern

  • Other highlights

  • 30 electric typewriters offered to the Ministry of Education in Tonga. Sent them to 'Eua High School.

  • Glasses to Fiji organised by Jim Dobbie and delivered by Bob McCaw.

  • Club supports victims of tsunami in PNG and the flood victims in the Waikato. Disaster relief boxes filled by members.

  • Derek Ricketts promoted the sale of phone cards and makes $500.

  • Renata Ruschel (Sao Paulo, Brazil) completes a very successful Youth Exchange visit.

  • Club donates $600 to Zak Holter to attend the Waikato Summer Science School.

  • Club sponsors Sharon Williams to attend Outward Bound

  • Club, through Ron Ward, organises an 8608 signature petition to the Minister of Police protesting any downgrading of local policing.



 41. Iain Angus*

Secretary; Allen Stewart: Treasurer; Selwyn Dyet

Directors: John Aikman, Allan Tuck, Steve Winter, Leith Peddie, Jim Dobbie

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • Computer to Tonga Project completed as a Matching Grant scheme with the Nuku'alofa Club in Tonga. Bob McCaw and Richard Spence and his wife Gail, fly to Tonga to oversee the installation of the 10 terminal network.

  • Annual Activities

    • Citrus drive. Fruit sent to Dunedin

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award determined by public vote. Jean Lemmon (Taradale Pet Centre)

    • Annual BBQ held in Dolbel Park for the first time.

    • EIT Awards made to Margaret Metcalf (Health), Heke Moms (Maori Studies)

    • Teddy Bears picnic. Members help with erection of tents and their dismantling next day.

    • Camp Kaitawa weekend to to a lot of painting and tree cutting. Good turn out.

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair nets $21,000;

    • Pak'n'Save stock take raises $700

    • Home hosting raises $1210

    • Cycle marshalling raises $200

    • Light Sticks sale $2262

  • Project Funds distribution:

    • $4,100 to Cranford Hospice;

    • $4,000 to HB Helicopter Trust

    • $1,000 to Arthritis Foundation

    • $3,100 held in reserve

    • Plus contributions of less than $1000 to Spinal Cord Development, Puketapu School Hall, Napier Foodbank, Lifeline

  • Other highlights:

  • Seat installed in Dolbel Park by Clive Adams and David Drake.  Ron Ward hands over convening the Dolbel committee to Ray McTiegue.

  • Club support Taradale High School's "Tussie Mussie" Garden Festival to raise funds for the school. Members help with organisation.

  • Graham Duncan inducted as District Governors Assistant; to DG Fergus Cumming

  • $500 donated to Red Cross for earthquake in Turkey

  • Emergency boxes completed Jim Dobbie supervising.

  • Australian Rotary cricket team visit. Aussies turned out to be a professional outfit beside our team. A weekend Peter Sugden will never forget as he tore his archilles tendon. Max Plested the star for the locals.

  • Club member host 2 couple from Alberta on Friendship Exchange. Visit was organised by Bob Knappstein and was a great success.

  • Orange collection from Kevyn Moore's property collects enough fruit to distribute to a number of Resthomes in the district.

  • Members turn out in number to help clean up Tony Smithers property who is very ill and must sell.

  • Support for Tour of the Bay cycle race. $200 made for their effort.

  • Taradale High School Time capsule buried.

  • Members sell light sticks at Jazz in the Park.

  • Trivial Pursuits night popular

  • Bill Beaton trophy golf tournament won by David Kidd.

  • Four members do the Waipukarau Rotary Club's beach walk and survive.

  • Wine tasting evening a success and thoroughly enjoyed.



 42. Warren Cooper

Secretary; Allen Stewart: Treasurer; Richard Spence

Directors: Noel Cooper, Keith Lines, Doug McGechan, Alan Monk, Gavin Thomas

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair Gross $24,000 on the day, Rebecca Walker sold additional goods for $300.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award. Diane Beets (National Bank).

    • EIT Awards made to Clare Buckley (Health), Scott Savage (Business)

    • Citrus drive. Fruit sent to Dunedin

    • Project Funds distribution:

      • $12,000 to Dolbel Reserve,

      • $2000 to Camp Kaitawa,

      • $1000 to Anna Pierard to continue her musical studies at the London School of Music.

      • $675 to SPELD

      • $500 to the Indian Earthquake appeal

      • $500 donated to the annual EIT Summer Singing school.

      • $500 donated to the Police for their Bluelight programme.


  • Other highlights:

  • Graham Duncan presents cheques of $50,000 to the Child Cancer Foundation as a result of the Bugsy Malone project.

  • Barbara Arnott introduces the Pathways project to the Club

  • Club members raise nearly $2000 with recycling collection

  • Club assists with Tour of Bay cycle race organised by Robert Kyle.

  • Nine Rotarians from the Tomakomai Club, Japan, visit.

  • Visit by GSE team from District 1250, Sussex, England   

  • Kynan Thompson, nominated by the Club, selected for outgoing GSE team to UK in 2001.

  • Club's first website set up by Richard Spence. Bob McCaw followed up, putting the Club Bulletin on a website.

  • Club members made $1083 selling light sticks at Jazz in the Park.



 43. Robert Pattullo

Secretary; John Walker: Treasurer; Richard Spence

Directors: Robin Arnold, Ken Carson, Janey Grant, Doug Syme, Wayne Thornton

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • Golf and Dinner Fundraiser featuring Steve Williams, Tiger Wood's caddy. $64,000 raised for the Kel Tremain Educational Trust ($10,000 went to Steve Williams own Trust). Club wins Significant Event Award for the Charity Golf & Dinner at District Conference and finalist in H.B. Business Awards for the year.

      Funds distribution
      • $51,766 to Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust as funds raised from Charity Golf and Dinner event.

  • Regular projects

    • Auction and Charity Fair Auction raises $24,000
    • Citrus drive with 30-35 members helping in the collection and sorting.
    • St Joseph's night. Mason Cup presented to Hinenui Tipoki Lawson.
    • Courteous Shop Assistant Award made to Alison Zorn (Lennox & Gee Pharmacy)
    • EIT Awards made to Keri Gardner (Health), Evan Vance (Science & Technology)
    • Dolbel awarded  Keep NZ Beautiful Award from the national committee.
    • Pak'n'Save stocktake raises $675.

    • Project Funds distribution
      • $12,000 to Dolbel Reserve
      • $5000 to Camp Kaitawa
      • $1000 to the Clock Tower lighting project
      • $1500 to Waiohiki Marae
      • $500 to Taradale Junior cricket
      • $500 to Age Concern
  • Other highlights:

  • Concerns over the future of the Auction raised.

  • Bulletin enters electronic era and is emailed to members.

  • Nina Sandal, Youth Exchange student arrives from Norway.

  • Matching Exchange students, Rachael Walmsley of Taradale paired with Fiona from Australia.

  • Book Fair clears $1000.

  • Members help with Tour of Bays cycle race and make $200.

  • Club sponsors 3 students to EIT Siemens Science School.

  • Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust distributes $12,000 to 12 students.

  • $660 raised selling Glo-sticks at Jazz in the Park concert.

  • Successful Rural Urban night held at Omatua, Rissington.

  • 20 Rotarians from Michigan visited and hosted locally for 4 days.

  • Welcome Song dropped from the weekly programme for a year. Felt that it is no longer relevant.



 44. Ray McTeigue

Secretary; John Walker: Treasurer;Russ Olsen

Directors: Mark Allardice, John Burrell, Eion Carty, Jim Dobbie, Robbie Symons

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • Dolbel gates installed; This was a $51,000 project.  Michael Okeresse presented a cheque for $10,000 to help with construction of the Dolbel Reserve gates on behalf of the Dolbel family.

  • Regular projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair Auction The Auction Committee continued with Garage Sales. $3500 was raised this way prior to Auction Day. Net proceeds of $19,135.

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented  to Sharon Sciascia (Early Childhood), Nathan Clarke- Little (Recreation & Sport) at EIT's Scholars Restaurant.

    • Shop Assistants Award goes to Karin van Rensburg (BNZ)

    • Citrus Drive raises $325 from surplus fruit.

    • 37th annual working week at Camp Kaitawa;

    • Members help out with Teddy Bears Picnic.

    • Project Funds distribution:

      • $5,000 to Polio Plus

      • $3,000 to Dolbel Reserve

      • $2,000 to Camp Kaitawa

      • $300 to Riverside Kindergarten


  • Other highlights:

  • Child Cancer HB presented with $1300 as the  final wrap up from Bugsy Malone Project.

  • Caterers for 25 years, Shirley Lake  & Gail  Wells were presented with a token to have dinner with their partners at the Mission restaurant.

  • Firewood sales off a grape block sell 70 trailer loads at $40 each. Nearly $2800 raised.

  • Club supports War Memorial Clock Tower Lighting project.

  • HB Chamber of Commerce selected Charity Golf Dinner as a finalist Special Event in the forthcoming Business Awards.

  • Club assist Tour of the Bays Cycle Race and received $200 for their efforts.

  • Club nominee, Sarah Bryant made the GSE team.

  •  At Jazz in the Park Club members carried out two fundraisers

    • Light sticks sold making $1700 profit for the project fund;

    • Other members collected  $5600 for Cranford Hospice in in three quarters of an hour.

  • Home Hosting had again been a success with 74 guests being catered for. 

  • Rural-Urban night at Omatua Hall, Rissington with proceeds to the Patoka school.

  • Exchange Student Shiori Hirasawa from Japan.

  • Mock interviews are being run for Hukarere students.

  • Glasses-to-Fiji project had been successfully concluded with the delivery of two boxes of glasses to Save the Children in Suva.



 45. Alan Tuck

Secretary; Peter Warmke: Treasurer;Russ Olsen

Directors: James Dale, Bill Hawkins, Robert Pattullo, John Reid, Allen Stewart, Gavin Thomas

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Major projects

    • Kevyn Moore proposes a reciprocal dual exchange between EIT and the Bragato Institute. Directors recommend and approved by Club at $1,000 p.a. for 5 years. EIT has given $5000 towards a Brogato Scholarship. Cheque of $1000 to Institute of Wine and Science at EIT to help pay Grant Roberts who is the  outgoing student from EIT to study at the Brigatto Institute in Italy.

    • Dolbel gates opening

  • Regular projects:

    • Auction and Charity Fair Auction Auction committee uses Garage Sales to pre-sell much of collected items. Over $1000 worth sold. Two more run, each grossing over $1000. Gross $22,622. Net $16,298 This was the last Auction after a 32 year unbroken run.

    • St. Joseph's Night: Marara Paku, winner of the Mason Cup for Oratory.

    • Citrus drive. Fruit sent to Dunedin with excess going to Bayview for juicing.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award goes to Jane Gardner (McDonald's New World)

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented  to Maree Mossman (Health), Donna Gillies (Maori Studies)

    • Members support Teddy Bears picnic again.

    • Camp Kaitawa Trust work done over the New Year.

    • Dolbel Reserve used for Club BBQ.

    • Pak ‘n Save stock-take realised approx $600.

    • Project Funds distribution:

      • $10,000 to Rotary Walkway Trust

      • $5,000 to Presbyterian Support for Lifeskills programme

      • $3,000 to Dolbel maintenance account

      • $3,000 to Polio Plus programme

      • $2,000 to KT Memorial Education Trust

      • $1,000 to Bragato Scholarship

      • $1,000 Kopane school for flood relief


  • Other highlights:

  • Club decides to make the Pathways project its Centennial Project. Pathways Trust opening ceremony. Club BBQ used.

  • Home hosting raises $160; two rounds

  • Books to Fiji; two pallets sent

  • Cheque for $300 received from JR McKenzie Trust to assist Erica Stewart (grand-daughter of late Duncan Jamieson)

  • Rotary Awareness month acknowledged with a display in Scott & Ricketts window and an article in the Taradale Observer.

  • Kiriti Moore granted $500 for “Spirit of New Zealand” week.

  • Four students assisted to the Genesis Summer Science school; $1250.

  • Shiori Hirasawa  the Student Exchange student from Japan.

  • The sale of Glo-sticks at the recent ‘Jazz in the Park’ saw a profit of $2185.

  • Donations for Cranford Hospice at the ‘Jazz in the Park’ saw $5900 raised in 1.25 hrs.

  • Constitution upgraded and approved by Club.



 46. John Aikman

Secretary; Bob Wallis: Treasurer;John Reid

Directors: Tim Anderson, Allan Davidson, Graham Duncan, Leith Peddie, Max Plested, Paul Shoebridge

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Notable Events

    • Rotary Institute Dinner, hosted as a combined meeting of Taradale and Greenmeadows Rotary Clubs, welcomed representatives of other HB Rotary Clubs to meet and hear from  Rotary International World President elect Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammer of Sweden.

    • Rotary Centenary Dinner held at Saddles Restaurant Hastings Racecourse 350 Rotarians & Partners were welcomed by MC for the night Past DG Ian Holyoake.

  • Major projects

    • Charity Dinner organised by Kevyn Moore with Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell, Olympic rowing champions as the celebrity guests. Event raises $90,000 for Dr Oliver Smales Memorial Trust.

    • Beer Festival. Organised by Graham Duncan to replace the annual Auction. It was held in the Arena gymnasium after rain delay which seriously impacted on profits. A $2000 cheque was presented to DARE representatives as a result of profits from the event.

  • Regular projects:

    • Bragato Exchange. Alberto Gianduzzo visits Club. The NZ Bragato Exchange Scholar for 2005 is Hayden Penny of Taradale.

    • St. Joseph's Night: Georgina Kingi, Principal of St Josephs inducted as an Honorary member of the Rotary Club of Taradale. Mason Cup awarded to Courtney Rose Davis.

    • Citrus drive. 24 bins of fruit sent to Dunedin.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award goes to Rae Wildboare (Pearson & Hooker Optometrists)

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented  to Alison Armstrong (Nursing), Karen Vickery (Business Studies)

    • Teddy Bears picnic Members support again.

    • Rural-Urban night hosted by Ken Fraser

    • Camp Kaitawa Trust work done over the New Year.

    • Stock-take organised by Ken Carson in local shoe stores

  • Project Funds distribution:

    • $2,000 to the DARE Foundation

    • $2000 to Tamatea Primary School and Tamatea Intermediate for flood relief

    • $1000 to Red Cross for the Tsumami Appeal

    • $1,000 to assist in the rebuilding of the flood damaged Kopane School

    • $550 to the Pathway Trust

    • $500 to the Bluelight programme run by the Police

    • $500 to Taradale Intermediate

    • $250 to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


  • Other highlights:

  • Club was awarded the Community Award in the 2004 Environmental Award for the work of its Dolbel team.

  • Club organises, on a monthly basis, a Column about Rotary Club of Taradale in the Courier

  • Club visit to Apiti Wind Farm organised by Alan Tuck

  • Club sponsors Ryan Salmon for “The Spirit of NZ”; Kiriti Moore, sponsored for "Spirit of Adventure"

  • Club's first full-scale website developed by Bob McCaw

  • Ambassador of Japan addresses Club

  • Hayden Higgins, successful GSE candidate to Detroit next year. the GSE Team to Detroit USA talk to Club before their departure.

  • Taradale Library presented with a 6 Book set on the Centenary of  Rotary and a plaque will be presented for the Rotary seat at the Library.

  • Oliver Smales Memorial Trust plaque was unveiled in the foyer at H B Hospital on Saturday 18th June

  • Kel Tremain Memorial Educational Trust introduced a scholarship of $5000 was awarded Nicole Sharp.

  • K R Tremain Trustees make contact with Krysia Krawczyk the first recipient of Education Trust funds and learn she has had a successful career in law.

  • Three emergency boxes completed.

  • Ron Ebbett is to be the Club's delegate at the World Convention.

  • Induction of Olga McDowall as Clubs sixth woman member.

  • Inwards GSE team from Detroit, USA arrives and hosted by members Ron and Wenda Ebbett and Mark and Sue Read.

  • Lauren Symons had been selected for a Rotary Student Exchange to Argentina next year.

  • Members do ushering duties at the All Black trials. The Club will benefit by about $500 for their effort.




 47. Allen Stewart

Secretary; Alan Monk: Treasurer; John Reid

Directors: Mark Allardice, Brian Walker, Graham Duncan, Janey Grant, Eoin Carty, Robert Pattullo

Reporter: Bob McCaw

  • Notable Events

    • Visit by members and families from Tomakomai North Rotary Club, Japan, a club with which we have been in partnership for 9 years. Click here for more.

    • Napier Combined Rotary Clubs Charity Dinner in support of the DARE Foundation. The night raised $6000 for DARE.

  • Major projects

    • Gourmet Experience. A new major fundraiser lead by Kevyn Moore. $6,400 profit. Support given for continuing this event.

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Stock-take at New World. $900 raised for Club funds.

    • Cricket ushering at McLean Park raises $3920.

    • Ron Ward organises members to assist with a rubbish collection. Club raised $4000 for this effort which has gone to the Crippled Children Society.

  • Annual Activities

    • Bragato Exchange. Bruno Cecchetto.

    • Dolbel Reserve is 10 years old. Occasion marked with a “plant” of 500 daffodils.

    • St. Joseph's Night: Jade Peterson, the speech prize winner, gave her speech to the club. Winner of Mason Cup

    • Citrus drive. 24 bins to Dunedin; $1000.00 raised from excess citrus drive fruit.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award No award made.

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented  to Anne Margaret Smith (Faculty of Arts and Social Science) and Susan Mains (Faculty of Science and Technology)

  • Project Funds distribution:

    • $8000 to Rotary Foundation

    • $2000 for McLean Park redevelopment

    • $2000 to Dolbel committee for maintenance.

    • $1000 for EIT Awards.

    • $500 to the King George Hall committee, Bayview

    • $1000 to the Wine Institute, EIT, for sponsorship of the Bragato Scholarship.

    • $1,000 to “Project Heaven” organisation, Fiji

    • $5000 to the Rotary Pathway Project fund.

    • $2000 to RYLA to support 5 attendees.

    • $1200 for Summer Science Schools.

    • $3000 to Rotary International, to bring the Club’s contribution level to $NZ100/member

  • Other highlights:

  • A Partners' Night held at Matariki Winery, welcomes Dott Giancinto Feletto, Principal of the La Scuola Enclogica di Conegliano from where the Bragato Scholar hails.

  • About 12 members of the Club act as marshals for the HB Half Marathon.

  • Members of the Ahuriri Rotary Club and their guest, the Swedish Friendship Exchange team, visit the Club.

  • Lauren Symons, the Club’s sponsored Exchange Student, leaves for Argentina.

  • Oliver Smales Memorial Trust fund their first lecture, given by Karen Hoare.

  • Club visits Taradale High School marae.

  • Kel Tremain Memorial Trust awards, a total of $11500 awarded. The top scholarship was awarded to Erica Winsley of Hastings Girls High School.

  • Club supports 3 Taradale Junior Cricketers at $300 each.

  • Club assists Lynelle Munns (Taradale High School), Teremoana Metuamate & Kataraina Reihana (St Josephs) to the Summer Science School held at Waikato University.

  • Rural-Urban night held at King George Hall, Bayview.

  • Beaton Cup for golf won jointly by Neil Kittow and John Reid.

  • Club sponsors 3 RYLA candidates, Andrew Rotchester, Jess Jones & Amanda Klausen.



 48. Paul Shoebridge

Secretary; Gary Severinsen, Bob Wallis: Treasurer; John Reid

Directors: Hans Hollis, Neil Kittow, Robert Pattullo, Derek Ricketts, Tom Royden, Alan Watton, Gavin Thomas

Reporter: Bob McCaw, Gil Cooper

  • Notable Events

    • First Hawkes Bay Paul Harris Fellows Dinner organised by past DG, Ian Holyoake. 22 Taradale Fellows attended

  • Major projects

    • Gourmet Experience II a huge success. Raises $20,315. Stalls increased from 45 last year to 66 with attendance going from 3,300 to 4,300.

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Stock-take at New World by Bill Beaton. $1000 raised for Club funds.

    • ODI Marshalling. 20 Club members turned out at the ODI versus Sri Lanka and earned over $1800 for the project fund. Followed up with a similar effort for the West Indies ODI; $1960 raised.

    • Home hosting raises $1,230.00

  • Annual Activities

    • Citrus drive. 24 bins to Dunedin;  9 Bins to Brownlee Bros. earn $576.00 from excess fruit.

    • Dolbel Reserve. The Inner Wheel table has been placed, a new watering system established & a container placed on site for gear storage.

    • Bragato Exchange. Renee Dale, outgoing Bragato Scholar to Conegliano, Italy; Elisa Ferrari, current inwards Scholar

    • St. Joseph's Night: Chelsea Claasen, winner of the Mason Cup

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Stephen Haughton, Glen Roberts Pharmacy

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented to Lillian Manihera Jewel Tai (Te Manga Maori – Faculty of Maori Studies), and Andrew Barton (Faculty of Health and Sport Science)

    • Camp Kaitawa Trust. 36 members and their families made Camp Kaitawa week a success.

  • Project Account distribution:

    • $8000 to Rotary Foundation

    • $8,000 (40% of the Gourmet Experience proceeds) to the Oliver Smailes Memorial Trust.

    • $8,000 (40% of the Gourmet Experience proceeds) to the Camp Kaitawa Trust.

    • $1000 to the Wine Institute, EIT, for sponsorship of the Bragato Scholarship.

    • $1,000 to “Project Heaven” organisation, Fiji

    • $1390 to Dolbel committee

    • $620 to the Rotary Pathway Project fund.

    • Amounts less than $1000 donated to Taradale Intermediate, RYLA, Summer Science Schools, Spirit of NZ, Hammond Road seat, IYE, GSE.

  • Other highlights:

  • Paul Harris Awards to Graham Duncan  and  Derek Ricketts

  • Funding Committee recommended that the club sells the Beerfest intellectual property rights to Pettigrew Green Arena. Club decides to support a commercially run Beer Festival in 2007.

  • Spirit of Adventure. Koreen Ti Riini of St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College and Pip O’Connell of Taradale High School.

  • Oliver Smales Memorial Trust in its first year, a capital investment of just over $100,000 earned $6000, which has been spent on nursing training  and visiting speakers. Allen Stewart was approved as a new Director to replace Mark Read. The first grant has just been made for a course for 80 staff.

  • 77 members were guests of the Ricketts family for a preview of the new Mitre 10 Mega complex in Napier.

  • Stress Weekend report – great fishing & golf however weather packed up on final day.

  • Members visit to the new Mates Brewery and Cidery at Meeanee.

  • Lauren Symons – Rotary Exchange Student to Argentina returns and speaks to the Club

  • Shiori Hirasawa (Japan, our Exchange Student in 2003) makes a return visit.

  • K R Tremain Trustees advised a scholarship award has been made to Simon Davies.

  • Rural Urban held at Omatua Girl Guides’ Centre, Rissington.  Speaker was Heather Roy, MP

  • Club welcomed our guests, Brazilian exchange student Thiago Bechkert

  • $300 raised for the Rotary pathway from a walk to the Admiralty gum trees on Robert Patullo's farm.

  • Club hosts Rotary Friendship Exchange from district 9520, South Australia.

  • Gareth Morgan Presentation in support of the Rotary Pathways raises $30,000.



 49. Mark Allardice

Secretary; Bob Wallis: Treasurer; Mark Oldershaw

Directors: Brett Jackson, Alan Monk, Trevor Kilpatrick, David Norman, Ross Ross-Taylor

Reporter: Bob McCaw, Gil Cooper, Janey Grant, Rob Pattullo

  • Special Events

    • Shirley Lake and Gail Wells cooked their final meal for members. Scott McGregor from Spoon Cuisine has been appointed the new caterer.

  • Major projects

    • Gourmet Experience. Raised $7745. Disappointing result.

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Jack Johnson Concert cleanup raised $900.

    • Cricket ushering raised $4000. Later $3000 raised for Test ushering.

    • Home hosting raised $1360.

    • Beerfest. Members assist with Beerfest as a commercial venture. Cheque for $4310 received.

    • New World stocktake make $550. A second raises $600.

    • Light Sticks at Jazz in the Park raised $512 for the club.

  • Annual activities:

    • Citrus drive. 24 bins to Dunedin;  10 Bins to Brownlee Bros. earn $1534.

    • Bragato Exchange. Desiree Gunson, Bragato scholar to Italy for 2008.

    • St. Joseph's Night: Honorary Member Georgina Kingi, Principal, and senior pupils attended. Kapa Haka group entertained. Hoki Mai recorded and placed on YouTube. It has had over 50,000 hits in 3 years.

    • Courteous Shop Assistants Award Rachel O’Brien of PaperPlus.

    • EIT Rotary Awards presented to, Aseem Gupta and Andrew Beaven

    • Camp Kaitawa Trust.

    • RYLA awardees Rachel Horton, Danee Collins & Elyse Clarke spoke of the RYLA week at Lake Karapiro from 18-25 April.
  • Project Account distribution:

    • $1000 EIT Wine Institute, for sponsorship of the Bragato Scholarship.

    • $1000 to HB Child Cancer

    • $1683 to Dolbel committee.

    • $1316 to International Youth Exchange.

    • $1500 for EIT Awards; increased to $750 each.

    • $1500 for Shelter Boxes

    • $8000 to Rotary Foundation.

    • Amounts less than $1000 donated to St. Joseph's, Hohepa Trust, RYPEN, Alzheimers.

  • Other highlights:

  • Paul Harris awards to Alan Watton and Ron Ebbett at change-over.

  • Admiralty Gum Trees walk (110 people) raised $300 for Rotary Pathways Trust.

  • Club wins Environmental Award for work on Dolbel Reserve at DG's Change Over.

  • The incoming Italian Bragato Exchange Scholar is Enrico Battiston.

  • On Wednesday 17th October 2007, John Lister, passed away following a short illness.

  • Members help Keep Napier Beautiful project. $5950.00 was raised. $2000.00 donated to the Pathways Trust, $1000 to Dolbel.

  • Club History on DVD commences with a team of Bob McCaw, Warren Cooper and Frank Crotty calling themselves Video History Productions (VHP).

  • Reading glasses to Fiji organised by David Norman. Delivered by Bob McCaw

  • Allan Watton died 23rd November. Mike Wong has agreed to represent the Club on the Napier Pathways Trust, replacing the late Alan Watton.

  • Jim Lum, Paul Harris award at Xmas party.

  • Richard Howell assumes Vice Presidency, taking over from Gavin Thomas due to ill health.

  • Clive Adams appointed to organise the Club's 50th Jubilee in 2009.

  • Thiago Berchert, International Exchange Student from Brazil, says farewell to the Club.

  • Dolbel Reserve Lookout concept plans approved by NCC. Eventually overturned by local protest.

  • Club trials pre-paid meals. Later adopted fully.

  • Gavin Thomas died 26th March 2008.

  • Scottish G.S.E. Team visit.

  • Club sponsors Caroline Rolls on a recent “Spirit of Adventure” voyage, for $350.

  • Gillian Davies was introduced by Graham Duncan and made a District Paul Harris Fellow.



50th Jubilee President

 50. Richard Howell

Secretary; Bob Wallis: Treasurer; Mark Oldershaw

Directors: John Burrell,Robbie Symons, Grant McDonald, Clive Adams, Bill Hawkins, Steve Winter

Reporters: Bob McCaw, Gil Cooper, Janey Grant, Rob Pattullo

  • Special Events

    • The Clubs 50th Jubilee of receiving its Rotary Chart, 6 June 2009 was celebrated with a  Jubilee Dinner at the War Memorial Centre. On the 23rd January, the Club marked the 50th anniversary of the original Founders Meeting. This was held at the Mission Restaurant. Read more...

  • Major projects

    • Gourmet Experience. $6395

  • Fundraising projects:

    • Wine barrels raised $4485 less $2400 expenses to purchase barrels

    • New World stock take, $1200 over two nights.

    • Cricket Ushering. 20 members and relations assist with the final, NZ v West Indies at McLean Park and earned $1800. Later $4,000 has been received from NZ Cricket.

    • Concert Cleanups; Simply Red concert Club received $1000, plus another $800 for the Geoff Sewell concert.

  • Annual activities:

    • Bragato Exchange; The incoming Bragato student is Chiara Masiero and the outgoing is Alex Roper.

    • Citrus drive resulted in 24 bins being sent to Dunedin. $760.00 raised from surplus fruit.

    • Courteous Shop Assistant award. Brenda Dooney, Unichem pharmacy.
    • Saint Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College students were welcomed as well as Jane Pierard and a small choir from Taradale High School. Rangimarie Rautjoki received the Mason Cup.

    • The annual pilgrimage to Camp Kaitawa, early in January, realised a number of new faces.

    • Rural-Urban at Brookfield Winery very successful.

    • EIT Awards dinner at Scholars. Recipients Heather Belmont & Billy Harris.

  • Project Account distribution:

    • $10,000.00 to the Taradale Library redevelopment. This was the Jubilee project.

    • $1000 EIT Wine Institute, for sponsorship of the Bragato Scholarship.

    • $1732 to Dolbel committee.

    • $1500 for EIT Awards.

    • $1525 to International Youth Exchange.

    • $8000 to Rotary Foundation.

    • Amounts less than $1000 donated to Alzheimers, Australian Bush Fire appeal, Memorial Seat, NCC Christmas Appeal, Neighbourhood Support, Outward Bound, Rissington Adcare, RYPEN,  Spirit of NZ,   St Josephs Summer Science School, Taradale Junior Cricket, Hohepa Trust.

  • Other highlights:

  • Paul Harris Medals presented to Brian Neilson and Robin Arnold at Changeover: John Aikman at Anniversary Dinner at Mission Restaurant; Posthumous medal to the late Kel Tremain, accepted by his widow, Pam, at the Jubilee Dinner; Community medals to Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell.

  • District award to Sec Bob Wallis for his outstanding contribution to incorporation work on behalf of  D9930.

  • Brett Jackson passed away July 21 2008

  • Plans for the Lookout at Dolbel reserve-  approved by Council and development can now go ahead. Later Pres Richard will meet with Mayor Barbara Arnott shortly to try & resolve issues surrounding the Dolbel Reserve lookout & local residents concerns. Later a meeting was held with club members, Richard and the Mayor. The Council meet on 17 December and decided we had to start the process of resource consent all over again.  We have two years to consult with the public to try and resolve their concerns. The project, as a Jubilee project, was abandoned.

  • Incoming Exchange Student, Antoine van Sintejan, from Belgium.

  • Meet the Candidates evening held at the Puketapu School hall. The evening raised $2000 for Rissington After-school Care.

  • 29 dictionaries have been presented to Maraenui Primary School.

  • Amanda Bryant, sponsored by our Club, has been selected for a year’s student exchange to Brazil.

  • Members work for Keep Napier Beautiful which has donated $2000.00 to the Napier Army Cadets & $1500.00 to the Pathway Trust.

  • Beaton Golf Cup. Women’s cup won by Tig Crotty, Men’s cup won by John Reid.

  • Christmas Party. Two young singers, both recipients of Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust awards, Alana Zivanovic 2005. Benson Opataia-Wilson 2007 entertained.

  • Seat in memory of Gavin Thomas placed in Church Road.

  • Tools for Vanuatu; contact Nevin Dawson, currently on the bench at Port Vila.

  • French Pass fishing trip organised by Graham Duncan, a great success.

  • Abigail Neeve from Sacred Heart College sponsored by the Club to attend a recent Outward Bound course.

  • The Turkish G S E Team was entertained to a BBQ lunch at Jo & Paul Shoebridge’s home.

  • Sergeant takings donated to the Len Snee Trust Fund. Total ‘take’ amounted to $242.00

  • At changeover and for only the second time only in the history of the Rotary Club of Taradale, a Sapphire Pin is awarded to a Paul Harris Fellow, Bob McCaw for his media work relating to documenting the history of the Club on video and supporting large scale activities like Gourmet Experience.




Trevor Page (Napier West)

President 1970-71

Trevor joined Rotary Club of Taradale at the end of 1960 but left at the end of 1962 to help form the Napier West Club as a Charter member and later served as President. He stayed with them until 1997 when he returned to the Taradale Club on 19/2/1998. Sadly Napier West wound up its affairs because of declining membership in 2002.

Ian Atkins (Hutt)*

President 1984-85

Ian joined the Hastings Rotary Club in 1969 and transfered to Lower Hutt in 1973 where he served as various Directors before being inducted as President in 1984. For his services to his Club plus the local and International community, he was made a Paul Harris Fellow in 1996. During  his year as President he developed strong links with other Clubs through an annual dinner at the Trentham Racecourse. On behalf of the Club , he accepted a citizens award from the Lower Hutt City Council for the Club's sponsorship of Kampuchean refugees. His Club was actively involved in sponsoring a local Rotoact Club. His theme for the year was "participation" by all members. Ian returned to Taradale and joined the Taradale Rotary Club in 1998.

Selwyn Dyet (Dunedin South)

President 1983-84

Selwyn joined Dunedin South on the 20th April 1976 and was a member until June 1986. As well as President he was the Area Representative (like a DG Rep's) in 1984/85.

The 40th Anniversary history of the Dunedin South Club mentions the following:
Projects Galore: "One of the most spectacular efforts was the raising of $35000 through a raffle in the Jubilee Year of Rotary in 1979/80. A keen group within the Club, led by Selwyn Dyet soon sold every ticket and Dunedin South was the first Club in the Dunedin area to meet its target of $1500 towards completion of the Tuatuku Youth Adventure Camp at Tuatuku in South Otago".

Selwyn took a keen interest Youth Exchange and during his year there were two students - an inbound student York Vogel (Germany) and an outbound student Michael Hope who headed for Germany.

Selwyn was also counsellor for inbound student Janet Franks from Oregon in 1986.

1986/87 Selwyn was Team Leader of a GSE team to Nigeria.

Frank Crotty (New Plymouth North)

President 1981-82


While in New Plymouth, Frank joined the New Plymouth North Rotary Club and served as President during the 1981-82 Rotary year. The following year he served as the District Governors’ Representative, an activity he greatly enjoyed as it took him around the province.

Greg Gear (Garoka, PNG) *

President 1993-94

In 1993, Greg Gear decided to capitalise on his expertise in bee-keeping, and applied to work for VSA in Papua-New Guinea. After two years trying to get a work permit, he and Shirley eventually left for Garoka in the PNG highlands in 1993.


Click here for a report on Greg's activities in Garoka.