Kelvin Tremain Memorial Education Trust Awards

The Kelvin Tremain Memorial Education Trust administers a Trust fund for the benefit of Hawke's Bay students to assist them reach higher educational goals. Earnings from the fund are distributed once a year prior to the start of a new academic year.


While not constrained by the terms of the Trust Deed as to whom awards shall be made, Trustees have over the past, made awards basically to secondary students who are about to start on their tertiary education, or assist students who are part way through a tertiary qualification at the time of application.


In some cases however, Trustees have assisted young people to travel to special events, if it has been deemed that the event will enhance their education. 


Students must have done the bulk of their secondary education in a Hawke's Bay school.


The Trustees administer two forms of monetary assistance. They are

  • General Awards

Awards are single donations to assist with costs incurred in preparing for the academic year .The criteria for selection are that the person gaining an Award must have

  • a record of high academic achievement to support their proposed course of study;

  •  high achievement in fields of extramural activity;

  • evidence of a savings record to help finance their chosen studies;

  • evidence of  a real need  for financial assistance beyond normal financial resources;

  • Special Medical Needs Awards

Applicants with medical disabilities will be given special consideration provided they display a desire to succeed at higher educational levels.


  • General criteria for application and selection

    • Applicants should be

      • currently resident in Hawke's Bay or

      •   have been previously educated in Hawke's Bay.


    • Applications for awards should be made by the first Monday in December in the year prior to the applicant's forthcoming academic year.


    •  Awards will be made in February of the following year, provided applications are judged by the Trustees to meet the above criteria, and subject to the availability of funds.

Information and application forms are available from this website


Download an Application Form